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New emails are arriving in your inbox all day long. Do you stop what you are doing every time to look at them immediately?

If you don’t, you’re not alone. People do not really read tons of emails coming from companies on a daily basis.

Isn’t it sound better to send a single email that contains a summary of all your product updates once a month?

If your answer is “Yes!” then let’s learn more about an email digest and why you need it.

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What is an Email Digest?

An email digest is basically a single email that summarizes all of your emails published during a specific time period or when a volume limit is reached (e.g. every 10 or 100 messages) into one single message and sent to your email subscribers at each selected interval.

The arrangement of an email digest or the adjustment of its frequency may differ from tool to tool, but generally, all have the same purpose: to summarize!

5 Reasons Why SaaS Companies Need An Email Digest

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1. Increase Your Read Rate

People tend to mark emails as reading without reading or even delete them. Your company mails will go out of existence just like many others as they don’t want to spend too much time on a single email.

Collecting several posts together, therefore, will be much easier to read for your subscribers and automatically increase your read rate.

2. Let Your Subscribers See the Monthly Progress of Your Product Easily

Not everyone is folding or categorizing their emails and keeping their inbox clean. It is hard to keep track of what happened at first glance in a crowded inbox.

But, an email digest takes the pain away and lets your subscribers see what you have for the month, and they realize your progress easily. It eases the way how you nurture them with product updates and keep them in the loop.

3. Enable Your Subscribers to Find the Email that They Find Interesting But May Have Missed

You may have made a perfect product update that will definitely excite some of your subscribers, but it will go for nothing until they see it.

Email digest enables you to ensure that your subscribers see the product update you’ve made within the specific time period.

4. Inform Your Subscribers even About the Littlest Improvement or Bug Fix that Cannot be Notified in a Sole Email

It is crucial to regularly keep in touch with your customers, but sending a mail for a single bug fix or improvement may not be so efficient. What about mentioning these improvements besides your product updates? Sounds better.

Email digest is a channel for informing your subscribers about the littlest thing that cannot be notified in a sole email.

5. Minimize the Time Your Subscribers Spend on Reading Emails and Interrupt Them Less Often While They are Working

Company emails sometimes annoy us, let’s face it. Companies should also not be annoying by bombarding their subscribers with tons of announcement emails.

Using an email digest will minimize the time they spend on reading emails and annoy them less often.

Let’s Digest

An email digest is an announcement package you deliver to your subscribers on a regular basis. Who doesn’t like unwrapping?

As we listed, an email digest has several benefits for your company to qualify your emails. It enables your subscribers to see the progress of your product, minimize the time they spend on reading emails, and eventually, it increase your read rate!

If your users are away from your website or product, AnnounceKit provides you with an email notifications digest! You can still keep them in the loop with the latest product updates by sending an email digest.

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