It takes hard work to develop new updates. So, companies like ReleaseNotes and AnnounceKit offer you a powerful solution to simplify the announcement process. We make your customer informed about your hard work.

Letting users know that your product is improving is your non-conventional strategy of building that strong bond. We'd like you to introduce a drastically new solution to make your announcements being heard.

We offer our help. Here is everything you need to know to make intelligent decisions.

Both ReleaseNotes and AnnounceKit aim to accomplish this goal, but we use slightly different ways to make it happen.

Why do you need ReleaseNotes or AnnounceKit?

For many SaaS tools, the coding part of developing a product is not that complicated. It is communicating with customers, understanding their needs and everything else related to product management – raises goosebumps.

So, many companies just sit in a vacuum, develop features they think users need and hope for the best. It is a mistake to bring a new feature into the world and do nothing else.

You need ReleaseNotes and AnnounceKit to make communicating values and benefits that each new update brings. Two tools help you to accomplish the goal in different ways. But the desired consequence is to keep customers in the loop.

Essentially ReleaseNotes is a platform for your team to create release notes about new product updates, new features or bug fixes in easy to do manner. You type in everything that you've been working on to boxes: Release details, Add new feature, Add update, Add big fix. Add social and featured pictures and set it live. It is available as a regular site page and can be added as a link at the bottom of your landing page, for example.

AnnounceKit is a platform to create announcements in general. Whether you want to notify about seasonal discounts, bug fix report and new features, AnnounceKit becomes your go-to place. Informative yet visually appealing publications catch users' attention and boost engagement rates.

Features Comparison Table

Alternative to ReleaseNotes features comparison table

*Disqus is an integration that enables users to comment and leave their feedback under release notes. The feedback is thus public.


The great thing about ReleaseNotes lies in its simplicity. Everybody is unenthusiastic to write compelling and informative changelog, and the ReleaseNotes tool indeed makes the process easier.

It's Global Notes bucket which is a place, where you quickly add reminders and notes you can later recall what your team has worked on recently – is ReleaseNotes' unique feature that comes very handy for big companies, where many developers struggle to collaborate.

On top of that, many small features like Social image and Featured image as well as Social share buttons and different font styles take your release notes to the next level.


AnnounceKit is a flexible solution. We have users from a variety of industries from e-commerce and travel to B2B software and gaming. All have one thing in common: they all want to keep customers updated about the latest releases.


To reach the exact audience you need, AnnounceKit enables you to post announcements directly to a specific segment based on name, email, first seen, signed update, country, number of web sessions. For example, you can send a special discount to a loyal customer Dave or convert more customers with a discount for slipping away users based on their web sessions. There are endless possibilities for you to integrate the feature and make your announcements more powerful.

User Tracking

Track your users' activities and know when a specific person left feedback, emoji reaction or subscribed to the newsletter. Moreover, all users' actions are going to be summarized in "Activities" dashboard and present your general happiness, unhappiness or neutral as well as comments indicators.

For example, if a person showed you that she wasn't excited about a feature and left negative feedback, you can identify who the person is, and use the information to address the issue personally.

In general, users are motivated to provide you unsolicited feedback if they have extreme experience with your product. AnnounceKit helps to catch feedback that lies in the middle of the extremely negative and extremely positive user experience. And then our tool summarizes it all for you to take real actions.

Email Notifications

Building retention rates is hard. Here is how you can change it. AnnounceKit sends important announcements right to your user's inbox. So, instead of spamming them with "we've missed you" emails, we advise you to send product updates and to show people how your product is improving. No need for extra copy-pasting, simply click on "Notify Subscribers". Beautiful, isn't it?

Feedback and Emoji Reactions

Understanding if the feature you've been working on for weeks and months has a feature market fit is now possible inside the Newsfeed.  AnnounceKit enables you to get to know your users better, and show you how they feel about new updates and what they say about it. By providing users a channel they can easily share their opinion – you build trust, you make users feel like their opinion is being heard, but most importantly you receive valuable customers insights.

ReleaseNotes is the ideal option for software companies that want to make publishing release notes simpler. If you need to update users about bug fixes or new release updates – ReleaseNotes help you to simplify the process. However, ReleaseNotes is missing a lot of elements that really help drive engagement.

AnnounceKit, on the other hand, is a more flexible solution that works for teams with diverse backgrounds. Whether you are promoting seasonal discounts or want to gather people's’ attention to a new feature – AnnounceKit brings you desired engagement. It provides you everything you need to communicate with users in a way that helps you create a better product experience and grow long term loyalty.

To wrap things up,

Both ReleaseNotes and AnnounceKit are relatively new companies that aim to keep your customers updated and informed. Both companies show stable growth and reliable teams you can trust.

Making the right decision is always tough.

AnnounceKit in comparison to ReleaseNotes focuses on long-term relationships with your customers. We want not only to keep your customers updated about your latest work but to gather their attention with customizable widgets, make your posts engaging and enable your team to collect Feedback and Reactions right away.

Communicating with customers and delivering your announcements effectively shouldn’t be as hard as you think.

Read our series of comparison articles and find out which tool will work the best for you and discover small features that either will impress you or bother.