80% of existing notification solutions disrupt users to receive their attention. To catch online attention companies send annoying pop-up notifications or bombard emails to people without bringing them any value. Communicating with customers and capturing their attention is getting harder with the ongoing growth of online businesses.

However capturing people’s attention is an essential first step to start building long-lasting, strong relationships.

AnnounceKit and Beamer offer you a comprehensive solution for teams with different backgrounds. Either you are a marketer aiming to announce seasonal discount or need a simple changelog service for your dev team – both tools make sure your customers are updated and engaged.

Beamer claims to improve engagement by 3 times, 62% higher conversion rates, and 200% more click-through rates.

How to boost engagement and conversion rates with AnnounceKit and Beamer?

Simple. When users see your real actions, that your product is improving and more value is coming their way – they are less likely to seek out other alternatives. The companies help you to build a credible brand image by making your product announcements more discoverable.

Essentially AnnounceKit and Beamer offer similar features. It is a changelog page (Newsfeed) and embeddable to your application or website widgets.

Public changelog page summarizes all news and updates becoming a go-to place for users to come and discover what has changed. Also, to gather more attention to your hard work widget on your website makes it easy to quickly overview the latest releases.

Beamer VS AnnounceKit


  • Beamer and AnnounceKit offer Free plans with limited featured for personal projects.
  • AnnounceKit has two products in the mid-range category. Lite Plan ($19/mo) and Startup plan ($49/mo) is a full-featured solution for startups big or small. Starter ($49/mo) is Beamer’s simple solution for companies who are just starting out.
  • AnnounceKit Business/ Beamer Pro Beamer and AnnounceKit offer Business solutions for mature companies with custom needs.
Alternative to Beamer features comparison table

Bonus: AnnounceKit support team is great! We pay close attention to each of you and are always here in case you need us.

Detailed features comparison

Some of our competitors like Headway, for instance, offer a very simplistic solution, whose sole purpose is to notify users. However, Beamer and AnnounceKit saw a potential to step up from a changelog service to a tool you need to improve engagement and retention rates. Let's talk about each advanced feature in details!

Feedback & Emoji Reactions

Most of the Feedback that you receive is related to the whole service or product, and thus it is a challenge to understand the performance of a single feature.

AnnounceKit and Beamer Feedback and Emoji reaction collect Feedback for every new update. You can use its information to discover whether the anticipated excitement level was true and whether people actually like the feature or not. It takes users less than 5 seconds to click on emoji or send your comments. We help companies to ruin the barrier between them and their users. All data from Feedback is later summarized in the dashboard.

Advanced User Tracking

However, AnnounceKit in contrast to Beamer offers Advanced User Tracking

Track your users' activities and know when a specific person left feedback, emoji reaction or subscribed to the newsletter. Moreover, all users' actions are going to be summarized in "Activities" dashboard and present your general happiness, unhappiness or neutral as well as comments indicators.

For example, if a person showed you that she wasn't excited about a feature and left negative feedback, you can identify who the person is, and use the information to address the issue personally.


Segmentation enables you to send targeted messages to a specific group of users you want directly to talk to. There are many possibilities for how you can implement the feature into your marketing strategies and tactics.

For example, you can send an announcement post to newcomers. Both Beamer and AnnounceKit allow you to send messages directly to one user, who, for example, is your long-term loyalist. And you want to share some love.

All teams from different backgrounds can find a new way to use the feature. Developer, for example, can target zones and communicate announcements to only those users, who are included in the feature test group or simply based on geographical location.

Email Notifications

Email Notifications is AnnounceKit's unique features, that majority of our competitors don't offer.

AnnounceKit sends automatic emails from Newsfeed. Say no to boring "we've missed you" emails. AnnounceKit sends your users automatic product updates to show people how your product is improving. No need for extra copy-pasting, simply click on "Notify Subscribers". Beautiful, isn't it?


We believe that truthful relationships start when your users see your product's progress and see more value coming their way. Both products will deliver you that final result of higher engagement, conversion rates, and click-through rates. But the price tag is different and your personal preferences are different.

We hope that this article helped you to make things clear and understand better which software suits your needs.

Read our series of comparison articles and find out which tool will work the best for you and discover small features that either will impress you or bother.