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Audience Segmentation

AnnounceKit helps deliver tailored product updates to the right user segments.

The All-in-One Audience Segmentation Tool for Providing Updates

As the digital world continues to evolve, the ability to reach and engage with customers has become increasingly difficult. Therefore, it’s essential for businesses to have an effective audience segmentation tool that can accurately determine who should receive updates about their products and services. The all-in-one audience segmentation tool provides users with a comprehensive solution for understanding who their target market is and how best to communicate with them.

Publish Release Notes to Targeted Groups of Users

Once you sign up to AnnounceKit, you will also be greeted with your own customized release notes dashboard with all your information in one place. No lengthy setup process, no fuss & no coding!

  • Customizable public changelog page
  • Privacy options for internal use
  • Serve changelog under your domain
  • Collect feedback and reaction to your posts
  • Rich media content
Segmented targeting

Segmented In-App Notifications

In-app notifications can be sent to specific audience segments, helping businesses reach consumers with relevant notifications. Using this audience segmentation software, companies can send targeted notifications based on user data to their desired target audience.

This allows for a more efficient way to deliver notifications and ensures that they are reaching the right people at the right time. The segmentation capabilities enable you to create custom segments based on various criteria such as demographics, user interaction or user type. This provides a powerful opportunity for businesses to tailor their messages according to specific audiences and increase engagement rates.

How to do Audience Segmentation?

Audience segmentation is an important technique to understand and target specific audiences. To do audience segmentation, it is essential to analyze your customers and define the key characteristics of different segments. For instance, you can use demographic data, behavioural data or psychological data

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