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It's like sneaking into your customers' brain, extracting exactly what new features they want.

The All-in-One Feature Request Management Tool

Feature request tracking software is a powerful tool for software developers and product managers. It helps them keep track of feature requests, prioritize projects, and organize their to-do list. Our All-in-One feature request management software is a comprehensive solution that makes it easier to manage multiple feature requests in one place. With this feature request software, users can easily view who requested what features, which ones are currently being worked on, and when each task is expected to be completed.

Streamline Your Feature Request Tracking with AnnounceKit

Watch this video to see how AnnounceKit helps you collect, centralize, and streamline feature requests from your customers.

Make Product Updates Based on Feature Requests

As a business, it is important to keep up with customer demands and stay ahead of the competition. A feature request tracking tool can help you do just that. With our feature request solution, you can easily manage requests from customers and prioritize which ones are most important to your product development process. Our easy-to-use dashboard allows you to manage your feature requests under your brand and engage with customers directly. Your AnnounceKit dashboard will also provide you with the following:

  • Customizable public changelog page
  • Privacy options for internal use
  • Serve changelog under your domain
  • Collect feedback and reaction to your posts
  • Rich media content
Segmented targeting

Requested Feature Releases through In-App Notifications

The feature request tool is a powerful and versatile tool that helps you track, prioritize, and manage feature requests. With this tool, you can easily create a feedback form to solicit user input or use the built-in feature request system to keep track of requested features. Now with the new in-app notifications system, you can quickly notify users when their requested feature has been released.

Feature Request Tracking Software With Robust Integrations

Once you've received the vital feedback through our easy-to-use feedback form, it's go-time. AnnounceKit seamlessly syncs with handy tools like Jira, empowering you to promptly prioritize crucial new features, slot them into the pipeline, and bring them to production.

Feature Request Integrations

Overcome the Difficulties of Feature Request Tracking

What Feature Request Management Looks Like Without AnnounceKit

  • Trying to build processes from scratch, using coveted product management hours.
  • Confusing email drip campaigns where you embed multiple 3rd party forms/surveys, zapier integrations, and more.
  • A lot of spreadsheets. A lot.
  • Sporadic, random feature request campaigns that feel unorganized.

What Feature Request Management Looks Like With AnnounceKit

  • Focusing on the feature request campaign from a product enhancement perspective, not the back-end process.
  • Leveraging built-in tools notification and data-gathering tools.
  • Data feedback all in one place so you can easily interpret the findings.
  • Feedback requests are an ongoing, easy-to-manage campaign to improve the product.

Our Feature Request Tool Can Help You Prioritize Sticky New Features

How should you prioritize new features? An effective approach is to evaluate their impact on customer satisfaction. Giving priority to high-impact features that significantly contribute to customer success is key, while considering the relative importance of other requests. Additionally, striking a balance between short-term benefits and long-term gains is crucial when making decisions about feature requests. This strategic approach ensures that immediate needs are addressed while aligning with the overall vision and objectives of the business. The process doesn't end with feature implementation. Once new features are launched, it becomes essential to gather data, collect feedback, and iterate based on the insights gained. It’s a never-ending cycle of improvement - and AnnounceKit can facilitate a clean, smooth, and data-driven process along the way.


What is a feature request tracker and why do we need one?

It’s software that helps you manage the entire process, beginning-to-end, of feature request management. You can think of it like this: Having a seasoned maestro orchestrating a symphony of collection, analysis, management, prioritization, scheduling, and even the sharing of product updates. The right tool will not only streamline the entire process but also seamlessly integrates with other essential systems like customer support software, CRMs, and project management tools. It's like having a digital spider web that captures and displays feature requests across your entire ecosystem—no more vanishing into the abyss of forgotten ideas!

Is AnnounceKit only a feature request software?

Nope, AnnounceKit has many more tools beyond just feature request management. If you click on this link, you can see all the different use cases that AnnounceKit can help you with.

Does AnnounceKit offer free feature request workflows?

AnnounceKit offers a free trial so you can get to know our platform. However, if you’re looking to implement our feature request software and make it an integral part of your product improvement process, you would need to invest in one of our reasonably priced paid plans.

Can AnnounceKit support complicated feature request management for a multi-product company?

Yes, AnnounceKit scales with a multi-product company. If you’d like to learn exactly how we can help your specific company, you can book a demo here.

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