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The All-in-One Customer Analytics & Product Update Tool

AnnounceKit helps you understand how customers interact with your product updates

The All-in-One Customer Analytics & Product Update Tool

Are you looking for an all-in-one customer analytics and announcement tool? Look no further than our innovative product – AnnounceKit! Our customer analytics tool gives you the insights you need to make informed decisions about your business. Our powerful software features easy-to-use dashboards that allow you to track customer behaviour and engagement upon receiving your product update announcements. You also have access to real-time notifications when customers interact with your product updates, providing you with real-time customer analytics data.

Publish Release Notes Backed by Customer Data

Publishing release notes that are backed by customer data is an important step in bringing transparency to product development. Using customer analytics, you can deliver releases that are addressing real issues highlighted by your users. When signing up to AnnounceKit, you will be greeted with your own release notes dashboard where you can customize it to your business.

  • Customizable public changelog page
  • Privacy options for internal use
  • Serve changelog under your domain
  • Collect feedback and reaction to your posts
  • Rich media content
Segmented targeting

In-App Notifications to Customers

Using data-driven customer analytics also allows companies to focus on delivering meaningful updates that satisfy current customers while creating attractive opportunities for new customers. Through this method, businesses can understand what their customers need in order to remain satisfied with the product.

Our announcement tool provides users with attractive in-app/on-site notifications to engage them with any updates that you publish. This allows instant feedback and specific user targeting.

What is Customer Experience Analytics?

Customer Experience Analytics is a process of collecting and analyzing data in order to provide insights into customer behaviour, preferences, and satisfaction. This helps businesses understand how customers interact with their products or services.

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