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Trusted by smartest companies around the world

Trusted by smartest companies around the world

Beautifully simple solution for your team

Make your product evolve coherently and scale your business.
AnnounceKit for Developer TeamsDeveloper Teams

Hassle-free changelog service. Inform your users about the latest releases or just your team for internal release communications.

Why should I use?
  • Update your team about releases over Slack or anything else
  • Inform your clients if something will be deprecated
  • Beautify your changelogs, offer users some eye-candy
  • Show your hard-work to your users or better, your boss 😎
AnnounceKit for Marketing TeamsMarketing Teams

Unlock new levels of marketing strategies by catching your site visitor’s attention. Turn leads into customers and boost your sales.

Why should I use?
  • Promote your content without disturbing your visitors
  • Announce special deals or discounts, boost your sales
  • Inform about upcoming products or features, pre-sell
  • Share your company news, upcoming events or conferences
AnnounceKit for Product TeamsProduct Teams

Build brand credibility by improving user communication and engagement. Turn your clients into product advocates.

Why should I use?
  • Eye-catching widgets to inform product updates
  • Send important announcements right to your users' inbox
  • Collect valuable feedback – know what is important
  • Create a personal bond between your team and users

Your secret superpowers for product announcements

Keep your users informed and increase user engagement.
AnnounceKit has Eye-catching Widgets

Eye-catching Widgets

Engage visitors with an eye-catching in-app notification widget that allows them to quickly overview your latest updates.

See some widget examples

Collect User Feedback

See how users feel about new updates. Allow them to directly respond by clicking on emoji or send a comment. Let them know that their voices are being heard.

AnnounceKit Collect User Feedback feature
AnnounceKit supports Email Notifications

Email Notifications

If users are away from your website or product, you can still keep them in the loop with the latest company news and updates by sending a notification straight to their inbox.

User Segmentation

Segment your users based on any property like their role, location, past events or basically anything. Send your posts to only the relevant users based on their segments.

AnnounceKit User Segmentation feature
Publish in Multiple Languages

Publish in Multiple Languages

If your audience speaks multiple languages, so can AnnounceKit. Create posts in multiple languages, easily publish translations and provide a completely localized experience for all of your users.

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