Hundreds of companies are fighting for the attention of one client. This is a war for the first impression. Do you want to win? Come out of the shadows, catch their attention and even make them envy your success!

How to win the war when getting users' attention and building long-lasting bond has become a greater challenge?

Letting users know that your product is improving is your non-conventional strategy of building that strong bond.  However, communicating with real people online is an ongoing battle. We'd like you to introduce a drastically new solution to make your announcements being heard.

If you do your research you discover AnnounceKit, Headway, Release notes, and Beamer. We are here to help you. The series of comparison articles explain everything you need to know about the differences & similarities between Headway and AnnounceKit.

Headway VS AnnounceKit, the battle of twins?

Headway and AnnounceKit are flexible tools for teams who need product updates communication channel. We keep your users' updates about latest product changes, new features or seasonal discounts.

Essentially we both are a changelog solution. (You can call it Newsfeed, updates page or changelog). Public changelog page summarizes all news and updates becoming a go-to place for users to come and discover what has changed. Also, to gather more attention to your hard work – a widget on your website or inside an app makes it easy to quickly overlook the latest releases.

Every time you have something to share with your customers you type it, add visuals and publish the news into Public changelog page. It automatically appears in a widget on the top of your website. And this is it. A very simple yet powerful solution.

From the first glance, AnnounceKit looks exactly like Headway, and you were right (at least a few months ago). But we saw the potential to improve and took a different direction for our tool.

Our aim isn't just to inform your users about the latest releases but to boost user engagement, retention rates, and ultimately customer happiness.

In a span of 8 months, we've moved from simple Widget and Changelog service to a powerful announcements solution with Feedback & Reaction collector, Segmentation, Email notifications, and Integrations.

Headway & AnnounceKit features comparison table

Alternative to Headway features comparison table

AnnounceKit brings more value to the table

AnnounceKit has a lot more to offer than just updates communication channel. It is true that sole alone widgets and Newsfeed page drastically improve engagement rates and keep customers in the loop. However, we saw the potential for more powerful features.

Newsfeed, widgets, custom categories, and team management are like margarita pizza. (Which is great and certainly is a perfect pie for some teams). However, AnnounceKit brings a whole range of features that add extra spiciness, flavor dynamic, and tasty toppings.

So here are pizza toppings we are talking about!

More customizable widgets

AnnounceKit widgets

One widget is nice. But 5 widgets are better. Moreover, each one is customizable and can fit perfectly into any website design. Whether you want to embed it to website header or let it "float" in the left bottom corner – the choice is yours.

Feedback & Emoji Reactions

Alternative to Headway Feedback and Emoji reaction features

Understanding if the feature you've been working on for weeks and months has a feature market fit is now possible inside the Newsfeed.  AnnounceKit enables you to get to know your users better, and show you how they feel about new updates and what they say about it. By providing users a channel they can easily share their opinion – you build trust, you make users feel like their opinion is being heard, but most importantly you receive valuable customers insights.

Email Notifications

Building retention rates is hard. Here is how you can change it. AnnounceKit sends automatic emails from Newsfeed. So, instead of spamming them with "we've missed you" emails, we advise you to send product updates and to show people how your product is improving. No need for extra copy-pasting, simply click on "Notify Subscribers". Beautiful, isn't it?


You have different clients, who are on different user journey stations. So, each deserves a different approach. Some of your clients need to be encouraged to convert, some need special care as long-time loyalist you want to nurture, etc. There are so many possibilities and you can talk to them separately.

Announce special discounts only to customers that are slipping away, or send an update directly to a specific person, who has requested the feature. AnnounceKit allows you to segment all your users and enables you to talk to separate groups differently.

You can segment users based on name, email, first seen, web sessions and many more criteria you can set.

AnnounceKit segmentation feature

User Tracking

Track your users' activities and know when a specific person left feedback, emoji reaction or subscribed to the newsletter. Moreover, all users' actions are going to be summarized in "Activities" dashboard and present your general happiness, unhappiness or neutral as well as comments indicators.

For example, if a person showed you that she wasn't excited about a feature and left negative feedback, you can identify who the person is, and use the information to address the issue personally.

In general, users are motivated to provide you unsolicited feedback if they have extreme experience with your product. AnnounceKit helps to catch feedback that lies in the middle of the extremely negative and extremely positive user experience. And then our tool summarizes it all for you to take real actions.

And this is not it! You can check our public roadmap and see our progress in action. In less than a year we’ve transformed from a product full of bugs and the simplest features to a powerful solution and yet there are more features to come. (We pay close attention to our users' request, if you see a feature you would like to see the most, click on upvote. And we will know straight away.)

Receive double value for your subscription money

Headway offers a clean and simple pricing plan: Free and Pro ($29/mo)

AnnounceKit pricing is a little bit more complicated.

Notice that Lite, our simplest plan, is almost identical to their " Pro". For the value you would get from subscribing to "Pro", you can get the full-featured tool with all extra features such as Feedback & Reactions, Email notifications, Segmentation, Custom domain and 1000+ integrations available.

Side note:

Don't worry about your precious data being lost and announcements publications left behind. All Headway users can easily switch to AnnounceKit. "Import" feature is available on your settings dashboard. It enables you to migrate all your publications to AnnounceKit newsfeed. It's easy!

In Conclusion,

Considering all the circumstances making the right decision is hard. Due to the nature of SaaS products, listed features usually evolve or don’t change at all. You can't move your entire updates page to a new product every now and then when a competing company releases a better feature.

We hope that this article helped you to make things clear and understand better which software suits your needs.

Although, at the first glance Headway and AnnounceKit look like similar tools, both aim to accomplish different goals via different features. We hope that by the end of this article the facts have proved it.

Read our series of comparison articles and find out which tool will work the best for you and discover small features that either will impress you or bother.