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Net Promoter Score Software: Simple-To-Implement and Data-Centric for Growth-Minded Companies

Coming Soon! AnnounceKit’s NPS tool quickly allows you to measure customer satisfaction so you can increase loyalty and stickiness.

Simplify the NPS Process To Gather Deep Insights

AnnounceKit's NPS software simplifies the process of collecting and analyzing your users' Net Promoter Scores. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel!

  • Set up personalized surveys: Customize your NPS surveys to gather feedback on specific touchpoints or overall user experience. No coding or design resources required.
  • Your branding: Build surveys that align with your branding. You’re the star of the show, we’re just your wingman!
  • Build & launch in less than 15 minutes: AnnounceKit’s simple interface makes it easy to build and launch your Net Promoter Score campaigns.
Create NPS
Segment NPS

Distribute NPS Surveys With A Few Clicks To Segmented Audiences

Many NPS software companies allow you to build the surveys. AnnounceKit makes distributing the surveys, across a variety of channels and to a specific audience, simple

  • Push through any channel: Reach your customers wherever they are through email, websites, chatbots, social media, SMS, and more. Engage them at the right time and place to maximize response rates.
  • Segment your audience with ease: Don’t want to send a survey to your entire customer base? No problem.

An NPS Tool That Gives You Robust Data Analytics Over Time

Understand trends so that you can optimize your customers’ experiences to increase your NPS scores over time.

  • Analyze real-time feedback: Gain valuable insights into customer sentiment with our intuitive dashboard. Visualize and segment feedback for easy reporting and identify the key drivers behind customer happiness.
  • Measure and track NPS: Calculate your NPS in real-time as survey responses roll in. Monitor changes over time, track improvements, and benchmark against industry standards to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Close the feedback loop: Take immediate action by closing the loop with customers based on their feedback. Address issues, strengthen relationships, and proactively engage with your user base.
NPS Analytics

AnnounceKit is more than an NPS software. See what our customers are saying…

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Effectively transform customer loyalty through the benefits of NPS

AnnounceKit's NPS software will transform how you understand and enhance your customer loyalty:

Broadscale relevance for data-driven change management:

NPS data is relevant to every level of your organization, from executives to frontline staff. By collecting feedback across the entire customer journey, you can make data-driven decisions and drive improvements at critical touchpoints, such as marketing, product development, or even sales training.

Forecasting business growth:

Use NPS scores to accurately forecast business growth, customer loyalty, and overall brand satisfaction. Understand the factors that drive repeat business and identify opportunities for improvement.

Effective benchmarking:

Leverage our NPS benchmarking tools to compare your scores against industry standards. Stay up-to-date with how your NPS stacks up and gain a competitive edge.

Long-term tracking

Track NPS scores over time to identify performance trends, isolate areas for improvement, and assess the impact of changes. Monitor customer sentiments and ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

Why NPS Matters for Your Business

Net Promoter Score is a powerful metric that has become the gold standard for measuring customer loyalty. Here's why NPS matters for businesses:

AnnounceKit’s NPS Software: FAQs

Is AnnounceKit's NPS software easy to set up?

Absolutely! Our platform is designed to be user-friendly, requiring no development or design resources. You can set up personalized surveys and start gathering feedback in no time.

Can I distribute NPS surveys through multiple channels?

Yes! AnnounceKit's NPS software supports multi-channel survey distribution. Engage your customers through email, websites, chatbots,social media, SMS, and more to reach them wherever they prefer.

How does AnnounceKit's NPS software help with analyzing feedback?

Our intuitive dashboard allows you to visualize and segment feedback in real-time. Identify key drivers behind customer happiness, track improvements, and generate insightful reports for data-driven decision-making.

Can I track changes in my NPS over time?

Absolutely! AnnounceKit's NPS software enables you to measure and track your NPS scores over time. Monitor trends, identify seasonal variations, and assess the impact of your initiatives on customer sentiments.

What’s the pricing?

Click here to see our pricing for the entire suite of solutions that comes with AnnounceKit.

Is AnnounceKit just an NPS tool?

Nope! AnnounceKit is a solution that impacts many stages of your product development, product announcements, and product feedback. We have changelog software, a release notes tool, and more.

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