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The ultimate no-code changelog tool! Create interactive changelogs for your product and software in minutes so you can efficiently deliver product updates.

The Changelog Management Tool for Product Updates & Announcements

Save months of work. Don't reinvent the wheel.

Dedicated Changelog
Dedicated Changelog

Dedicated changelog for all of your product announcements

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In-App Notification Widgets

Easily embeddable widgets for your web application

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Slack Channel Notifications
Slack Channel Notifications

Inform your team or stakeholders about your progress via Slack

Email notifications
Email Notifications

Get more attention with email notifications

Create Seamless Product Updates With AnnounceKit's Changelog Tool

Watch this video to see how AnnounceKit can help you share product updates with ease through your changelog.

Dedicated place for your product changelog

Your personalized changelog page will be ready and waiting the moment you sign up. No lengthy setup process, no custom code, no fuss. Simply adjust the colors so it's on brand, add your logo, and you're off!

  • Customizable public changelog page
  • Privacy options for internal use
  • Serve changelog under your domain
  • Collect feedback and reaction to your posts
  • Rich media content

Beautiful in-app notification widgets

The best time to notify a user about product updates is while they are using your app. You will not miss that opportunity with beautiful and eye-catching in-app notification widgets.

Interaction & Engagement You Can See

Changelog software can often be a boring one-way street. You publish updates and hope your users will see. With AnnounceKit’s changelog app, you get visibility into your audiences engagement with your changelog, from reactions to comments.

Interaction & Engagement You Can See
Analytics You Can Take Action On

Analytics You Can Take Action On

Our changelog management software gives you detailed analytics on post, widget, and changelog views, as well as top-performing posts, email open rates, and more. Based on performance, you can update your changelog management process accordingly to tweak what’s not working and double down on what is.

Remove Your Changelog Management Challenges with AnnounceKit

What Changelog Management Looks Like Without AnnounceKit

  • You build a changelog tool from scratch. Expensive and reinventing the wheel.
  • Option 2: You don’t have a changelog at all - internal teams and users are totally unaware of product updates.
  • You use 7 different tools, including janky spreadsheets, to try to keep track of historical product updates.

What Changelog Management Looks Like With AnnounceKit

  • You can share a beautiful product changelog that both internal teams and users will love.
  • Your dev team can focus on product enhancements instead of fumbling with other half-baked, free changelog tools on the market.
  • Robust analytics and data built-in so you have insight into how your audience feels about the product updates.

Our changelog software has many more powerful features

Custom Host SetupCustom Host Setup
Custom CSSCustom CSS
Advanced IntegrationsAdvanced Integrations
Email NotificationsEmail Notifications
Private FeedPrivate Feed
User SegmentationUser Segmentation
User TrackingUser Tracking
Schedule postSchedule post
Post PinningPost Pinning
Team Management  SSOTeam Management SSO

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What is a Product Changelog?

Imagine the product changelog as your trusty diary, chronicling all the exciting adventures your product embarks on. But instead of writing about high school flings, it’s a bit more technical. It's a curated collection of milestones, improvements, and fine-tuned features that have evolved over time, all in chronological order. Whenever a new version of your product is pushed to production, the changelog is updated. From bug fixes that squashed annoying glitches to feature enhancements that added that extra spark of brilliance, each entry clearly defines the change. Not only does the changelog serve as a reference for you and your team, but it also invites others to take a peek into the evolution of your product.

Can I target a specific group of users or a user segment?

Definitely, user segmentation is an easy-to-use feature in AnnounceKit to target different cohorts of your users based on their role and behaviour. And send them needed updates and messages.

Is it possible to create private feeds to have internal usage for our team and restrict access?

Yes! You can choose privacy options that would fit your needs.

How would if I know whether the users see the announcement?

User Tracking feature is here to help you on this matter and give you insights about their activity. You can also have this data in your CRM.

Is AnnounceKit just a changelog app or do you also have release notes?

Changelogs and release notes are similar, but slightly different. But the good news is that AnnounceKit has both! Click to see our release notes tool.

Are there any limitations on a number of monthly active tracked users?

No, we don't have any limits on monthly active or tracked users. You can have all of your users on any paid plan.

Do you have support for multiple languages?

Yes. You can publish multilingual changelog entries for your audiences and deliver a localized experience to them.

What is your changelog tool pricing?

We follow a project-based subscription in which you are not charged per number of active users or seats.

Who on our team will benefit from AnnounceKit’s changelog tool?

More people than you’d think! Of course you’ve got folks on the product team who are directly involved with creating the product updates. But more people on your team will be able to leverage AnnounceKit: customer success and sales folks can jot down valuable customer feedback, leading to product managers who can dive into that feedback, prioritize features, and map out your awesome roadmap. Even the marketing team can look into the changelog to understand, at a deeper level, what the users’ pain points are and then use that language in marketing material. Our changelog software has company-wide benefits.

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