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Developing and gaining market share is impossible without understanding its needs and improving your product accordingly. Adding new features that solve your customer problems is a vital component of outperform competitors.

However, the commonly observed problem is the lack of communication with the end-users about product updates and improvements. It is a big mistake to leave users to figure out the changes by themselves.  Managing product updates is an important task.

AnnounceKit is your easy to maintain changelog solution powered with great features that create a whole new marketing & communication channel from a simple product updates page.

[## 1. Inform your users about the product updates

Products often lack to maintain a proper communication channel with their users. This communication channel, especially in the early stages of the product, is significant in showing your hard work and that the product is alive. Keeping a changelog or a product updates page is a great way to fill that communication channel. That will help you to inform the users about the changes, improvements that you made on your product, and announce recent news or events about your product.

Like all other products, your solution is also](http://) continuously changing, and keeping an up-to-date changelog or product updates page becomes an exhausting task.

AnnounceKit simplifies this process of creating and maintaining a changelog by providing a clean interface and easy integration into your product.

2. Reach all your users

How could you inform your users about new features if they haven’t visited your website for a long time? Perhaps the reason is they don’t know that the feature they are looking for is released after their last visit?

AnnounceKit allows you to announce your product updates on all communication channels automatically, without doing any boring stuff like copy-pasting.

You can notify users about your product updates via email, even if they don’t follow your changelog or product updates page.

Moreover, via excellent Zapier integration, you’ll have access to 1000+ products that can add additional channels such as social media and push notifications.

3. Send targeted announcements

Not all product updates applies to everybody. Sometimes you have news or feature only to specific product plans, member types, etc. There is no need to bombard people with every update and make them miss the relevant ones for them.

AnnounceKit enables you to send targeted announcements to people who are more likely to benefit from them.

4. Increase user engagement

The rule of thumb: the higher the user engagement rate, the higher the chance you turn leads to customers. Whether your company is big or small, user engagement plays a significant role.

AnnounceKit offers a variety of customizable, eye-catching in-app widgets that blend seamlessly into any website.

They are interactive, non-disturbing, and cool, so they catch visitor’s attention and bring them to your announcements!

5. Collect user feedback

We often forget the way we see our product can be different from our user perspective. At this point, customer feedback is crucial, and it’s a fundamental element of sustainable product improvement. Collecting instant feedback right inside the changelog is a great way to discover what your customers need and improve your product in that direction.

Collecting feedback is very tough. Generally, people don’t want to participate in boring one-to-one meetings and long answer surveys.

AnnounceKit creates an opportunity for your users to leave feedback quickly right inside changelog, product updates page, or in-app widgets.

Moreover, with the User Tracking feature, you can learn who left the feedback, so you can use this information to address the feedback personally.

Get instant feedback inside your product

Also,  keep that in mind that it is important to make your announcements interesting!

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