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Your inbox is flooded with new emails all day long. You know they might contain important information and updates from the company, but are you really stopping to read every email? Likely not — and you’re not alone.

As an organization, it probably doesn’t sit well to know that your employees or subscribers may be missing out on important communication. 

But, what if your company could send a single monthly email containing all of your updates, information, and announcements instead?

If that sounds like the solution you’ve been waiting for, then it’s time to learn about email digests and why your company needs to get on board today.

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Quick Setup, Easy to Use, and Many Integrations

Manage your product announcements from a single place and easily distribute them
across multiple channels.

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What Is an Email Digest?

Did you know that close to 300 billion emails are sent and received on a daily basis? Seems kind of crazy, right? Now imagine how many of those emails are left unread forever.

The solution? Email digests.

An email digest basically takes all of the shorter emails you send and summarizes them into one email that is published during a specific time period or when a volume limit is reached (e.g. every 10 or 100 messages). This single email is then sent to all subscribers at your selected intervals.

How Are Email Digests Used?

Email digests are typically used in professional settings to streamline communication and reduce email overload. They often include: 

  • Highlights of recent news
  • Important updates
  • Upcoming events; or 
  • Any relevant content tailored to the recipient’s interests or needs 

This approach provides recipients with a centralized and efficient way to stay informed, saving time and promoting better engagement by presenting information in a more organized and easily digestible manner. 

Email digests are utilized in various contexts, from internal company communications to newsletters and subscription services, offering a convenient and accessible means of delivering information.

The arrangement of an email digest or the adjustment of its frequency may differ from tool to tool, but the general purpose remains the same: to summarize!


Quick Setup, Easy to Use, and Many Integrations

Manage your product announcements from a single place and easily distribute them
across multiple channels.

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9 Ways Email Digests Can Improve Your Company’s Overall Communication Strategy

Email digests can offer several benefits to companies, enhancing communication, collaboration, and information dissemination among employees and subscribers. Here are some ways companies can benefit from using email digests.

email digest

1: Increase Your Read Rate

People tend to mark emails as read without reading them or they may just delete them altogether. Your company emails suddenly become extinct without you even knowing that you haven’t reached your audience.

People simply don’t want to spend too much time sorting through and reading each and every email that lands in their inbox. Not only is it too time-consuming, but it’s also really difficult to digest (see what we did there?) this constant flow of information.

Combining several emails into one makes it far more likely that your subscribers or employees will actually read the email instead of deleting or unsubscribing.

email digests

#2: Efficient Information Sharing

Most people just don’t have the time to categorize their emails into folders so their inbox starts to look like a dumping ground for unnecessary or unwanted communication.

Email digests provide a streamlined way to share important updates, announcements, and information within the company. By consolidating relevant content into a digest, employees can quickly and efficiently catch up on key developments.

Simply put, you’re making the process of sorting and reading emails as painless as possible for your targeted audience by not overcrowding their inbox one email at a time.

#3: Improved Reader Engagement

It doesn’t matter if your email contains the information your reader has been waiting for if they can’t locate it in a crowded inbox.

Instead of inundating employees or subscribers with a constant flow of individual emails, email digests aggregate information into a single, easily digestible email. This helps reduce email overload, making it more likely that your audience will engage with and absorb the information.

Email digests ensure that your subscribers are seeing the important product updates you’ve made in a timely manner.

#4: Time Savings for Companies and Readers

Let’s say you send an email every time you’ve fixed a bug or made a single improvement to your product. Do you really think your readers want to sift through a bunch of individual emails to find these updates? 

Not a chance!Employees often spend a significant amount of time sorting through emails (about 28% of their workday!). Email digests can save time by presenting important information in a consolidated format, allowing employees to quickly review and prioritize their attention.

#5: Increase Overall Productivity

Have you ever stopped to wonder if your constant emails are annoying your employees or subscribers? 

Do you think that you could be interrupting productivity when you send too many emails for your readers to keep up with? 

What about the time your organization spends on drafting and sending all these emails?

Using an email digest not only minimizes the amount of time your employees spend on reading and sorting emails, but it also decreases the amount of time your organization wastes on emails no one reads.

#6: Centralize the Information

Email digests can serve as a centralized hub for important information. 

Whether it’s project updates, policy changes, or team accomplishments, having a single email summarizing key details ensures that everyone is on the same page.

They also enable companies to maintain a consistent communication channel. Regularly scheduled digests can help create a routine for employees, keeping them informed about company news, achievements, and other updates.

#7: Promote Company Culture and Feedback

Including content related to company culture, such as employee spotlights, success stories, or fun facts, can help reinforce the organization’s values and foster a positive company culture.

Email digests can also facilitate two-way communication by encouraging employees to provide feedback or interact with content. Create opportunities for employees to express their opinions and engage in company initiatives by providing:

  • Links to surveys
  • Discussion forums; or 
  • Feedback forms

Who doesn’t want to work for a company that not only promotes the fun stuff but also wants to know what you think?!

#8: Increase Awareness of Resources

By consolidating information in a centralized format, these digests provide a convenient and efficient means of highlighting available resources to employees.

Email digests can feature dedicated sections or links, ensuring that employees are informed about offerings, such as:

  • Training programs
  • Wellness initiatives
  • Internal tools; or
  • Other valuable resources

The digest format allows for the inclusion of engaging content, such as success stories or testimonials related to resource utilization, which can further emphasize the benefits of these resources. 

The regular distribution of email digests serves as a consistent channel to remind employees of the available tools and programs, fostering a culture of awareness and encouraging utilization.

#9: Customization and Personalization

Email digests can be customized or personalized in various ways to cater to the preferences and interests of individual recipients. 

One common customization feature is allowing users to choose the type of content they want to receive in their digest. This could involve selecting specific categories, topics, or departments of interest, ensuring that the content aligns with the recipient’s role or preferences. 

Some email digest systems allow users to set the frequency of updates, deciding whether they want to receive digests daily, weekly, or at another interval. Personalization can also extend to the format of the digest, enabling users to choose between a brief summary or a more detailed overview based on their preferences. 

By incorporating these customization options, email digests become a more tailored and relevant communication tool, increasing engagement and ensuring that recipients receive information that is specifically meaningful to them.

Digest With AnnounceKit

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Revolutionize your internal communication with a personalized and efficient approach. Try our email digest service today and unlock a smarter, more engaging way to stay in the loop!


Quick Setup, Easy to Use, and Many Integrations

Manage your product announcements from a single place and easily distribute them
across multiple channels.

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