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Most engineers don’t have time to waste trying to write effective release notes. And why would you want them to?

Yet release notes are an integral part of updating your product, informing and exciting users about the positive changes your product will undergo.

Naturally, many engineers look to AI-produced release notes as a powerful way to outsource this necessity.

But with great power comes great responsibility.

If not used properly, AI can squander the opportunity to galvanize users with engaging release notes.

Don’t make the mistake of entrusting your release notes entirely to ChatGPT. 

Learn how to make AI work for you — not against you — with our top five best practices and answers to your frequently asked questions about using an AI release notes generator.

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AnnounceKit: AI Release Notes for All of Your Important Updates

With the all-in-one software release notes tool from AnnounceKit, you can create engaging release notes for your product and software to efficiently deliver product updates.

The moment you sign up for AnnounceKit, you will have a fully customizable release notes tool at your disposal where you can prompt the AI assistant with the keywords and tone to create and personalize engaging release notes matching your product and brand.

Choose one of the AI-generated options as a base and tweak the content, add a favorite gif or video tutorial, or leave it as is.

You have the power to decide which user segment will receive the announcement and which widget to push it to (another benefit of having multiple widgets with AnnounceKit!) 

If you want to highlight important announcements without users having to click to see them, you can send the announcement to customizable modal, pop-up, or bar boosters.

With no code required, you can create customized, targeted release notes and publish them to your change log in minutes, saving hours of work.

It’s time to work smarter, not harder with AnnounceKit.


Quick Setup, Easy to Use, and Many Integrations

Manage your product announcements from a single place and easily distribute them
across multiple channels.

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What Is an AI Release Notes Generator?

Your release notes serve as technical documentation to accompany the launch of your new software product or update to an existing one. 

An AI release notes generator utilizes AI technology like natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and machine learning to analyze software updates and extract relevant information to automatically craft a concise summary, highlighting the key changes, enhancements, or bug fixes that users can expect.

Release notes are a key element to your product because they offer a snapshot of the changes made, giving end users a glimpse into what they can anticipate without replacing more detailed resources. 

It’s important to deliver release notes that are comprehensible and aren’t bogged down with too much technical jargon.

Why Use an AI Release Notes Generator?

Release notes are a way to share the growth of your product with everyone who cares about it, and often the engineers who designed the updates are tasked with writing content that is sent out to the development team, stakeholders, and customers.

Engineers may find it difficult to summarize their work in layman’s terms in a way that’s still informative and engaging.

After all, engineers are not writers.

Utilizing an AI release notes generator can yield many advantages such as:

  • Saving time: AI algorithms can quickly extract key information, analyze changes, and generate clear, concise release notes in just a few clicks, saving engineers the hours it would take to create them manually.
  • Increasing productivity: With an automated release notes creation process the time and effort required is significantly reduced. That leaves more valuable time for your teams to focus on core tasks and strategic initiatives. 
  • Improving user experience: An AI release notes generator eliminates the potential for human error, allowing your business to deliver reliable release notes with a clear explanation of new features or fixes. Streamlined, error-free, digestible communication with your user base builds trust and credibility, a necessity in fostering a strong relationship with your user community.

Harnessing the power of precision of machine learning and the convenience of automated documentation, the AI release notes generator at AnnounceKit can help your business improve productivity and build consistent accurate communication to increase overall user engagement.

5 Best Practices That Will Ensure Your AI Release Notes Are Compelling

#1: Know Your Audience 

The easiest way to throw away the competitive edge that AI release notes provide is by letting ChatGPT do all the work. Before you can realize the full potential of AI release notes, you must do your homework and get to know your audience.

Knowing your audience helps you determine what tone works best and what channels of communication they prefer for release notes.

Additionally, failing to understand your audience and their pain points can lead to creating AI-generated release notes for every change, overwhelming users with unwanted information and making your business appear tone-deaf. 

The AnnouceKit release notes tool creates a two-way street between you and your users. 

We make insights simple with real-time feedback from your users to understand what they love, what they’re excited about, and what they feel could use more improvement.

#2: Be Concise

While release notes provide pertinent details about the new product or update, they should not be mistaken for comprehensive user guides or exhaustive product documentation. 

Release notes should be short and straight to the point, getting users excited about the changes to come.

Avoid AI release notes that drag on detailing a tedious compilation of changes. No one wants to read about technical updates that don’t affect the product’s performance.

Be sure to edit your AI-generated release notes to only include the most pertinent user information that will keep them engaged and in the loop.

Not sure what information should make it into the release note and what should stay on the backend?

 Effective release notes are free of any technical jargon and identify the value and impact of the changes from a user-centered perspective.

#3: Stay Brand Consistent

Don’t forget about your brand voice when using AI to generate release notes.

Release notes should be consistent in tone and structure and share the same logo as all other outward-facing communications.

Keeping the user experience consistent across all distribution channels is important, so don’t hit publish on your release notes without ensuring they’re on brand.

#4: Keep It Skimmable

Sometimes a product update will warrant a bit more than a short blurb to explain all the benefits. But even the most exciting details can get lost in a sea of sentences.

Wading through paragraphs of text in a release note can turn away interested users and even turn them off from providing feedback.

Use bullets or small chunks of digestible text to ensure users can skim through the release note to gather the information they need.

#5: Remember the Links

Use AI to generate your release notes but don’t stop there.

Beef up your AI release notes with links to any relevant information like training resources, complementary websites, and supporting documentation.

This signals to the user that you’ve put real thought into the update and helps them understand how the update will improve their experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About AI Release Notes

How Does the Release Notes Tool by AnnounceKit Generate Content?

The release notes tool by AnnounceKit generates content through a user-friendly platform that allows you to create and manage release notes seamlessly. 

With just a few keywords and a little information about new features or bug fixes, our AI-powered writing assistant can produce a beautiful solid framework for your product release notes. 

Customize with your branding, links, or embedded videos and you’ve got visually appealing and informative release notes compiled in a snap.

Are the AI Release Notes Generated by AnnounceKit Customizable?


You can create custom templates that match your brand colors and logo.

Furthermore, you can edit any release notes to reflect your brand tone of voice and add links or video content so your release notes feel thoughtful and intentional.


Quick Setup, Easy to Use, and Many Integrations

Manage your product announcements from a single place and easily distribute them
across multiple channels.

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How Do I Promote Product Updates With AI Release Notes?

Thanks to the myriad integrations offered by AnnounceKit, promoting product updates with AI release notes is as simple as ticking a box.

AnnounceKit helps you automate product workflow with one of the best Zapier and Slack integrations on the market.

You can use AnnounceKit integrations to:

  • Automatically tweet your latest news from your Twitter account
  • Share your special offers or deals from your Facebook page
  • Connect LinkedIn to automatically share your latest company news
  • Notify your team over public or private Slack channels; and 
  • Connect more than 1000 other apps with countless possibilities

With AnnounceKit, it’s never been easier to announce and promote product updates and news to your users.

How Do I Know if My Users Have Read Our AI-Generated Release Notes?

The AnnounceKit feedback and insights feature tracks user activity, allowing you to see which specific users are viewing and clicking posts along with changes in performance over time.

Our advanced analytics lets you monitor the performance and efficiency of your announcements. 

See how users interact with your product updates to make data-informed decisions in real time.

Is the AnnounceKit AI Release Notes Tool Available in Multiple Languages?

Have a global user base you need to communicate with across several languages?

No problem.

AnnounceKit helps clients reach audiences around the world with support in more than 10 languages.

Create Flawless AI Release Notes With AnnounceKit

When used strategically, AI release notes are a powerful feature to help your business effectively communicate product updates to your user base.

The release notes tool by AnnounceKit makes it easy to:

  • Create robust personalized AI release notes
  • Manage your product announcements in one place
  • Quickly distribute release notes across multiple channels; and 
  • Get real-time feedback from your users

With our fully customizable release notes tool you can spread awareness about updates while increasing feature adoption and building customer trust.

Save time, improve productivity, and foster user engagement when you effectively employ the AI release notes generator from AnnounceKit.

Let our automated AI writing assistant supercharge your product announcement strategy. Try AnnounceKit today.


Quick Setup, Easy to Use, and Many Integrations

Manage your product announcements from a single place and easily distribute them
across multiple channels.

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