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A new feature announcement example is essential for businesses and organizations to stay ahead of the competition and meet the ever-evolving needs of their customers. With the rapid pace of technological advancements and the constantly changing market, it’s crucial to keep users informed and engaged with new features.

Imagine a world where you are greeted with the same tired and unchanging experience every time you log into your favorite app. Boring, right? That’s why new feature announcements are digital messages that keep us on alert and constantly freshen up our interaction with the app.

Take the example of Netflix Party, a feature announced during the pandemic that allows users to sync their Netflix viewing experience with friends and family regardless of their physical location. This feature was an instant hit, used by millions of people looking for ways to stay connected during the lockdown.

A big part of this success was the effective announcement of this new feature to the users. Otherwise, no one would notice the new feature, which dozens of developers worked day and night to develop.

These announcements bring new possibilities, improved functionality, and a look at the innovative minds behind the products we love. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of new feature announcements and explore some of the most exciting examples that are taking the digital world by storm. Let’s get ready to be surprised!

How do you announce a new feature announcement example?

Announcing new features for a SaaS product can be done through various channels to reach your target audience effectively. To make sure that the message is clear and effective, it is important to have a well-thought-out plan.

Sending an email to your users, writing a blog post on your company’s website, making a demo video to show off the new feature, posting on social media, and using in-app widgets and boosters to show off new features on your website are all popular ways to do this.

Using multiple channels helps ensure your message gets to your users in the best way possible. Sending a clear and concise message makes sure that your new feature announcement example will be well received.

How do you write an exciting announcement?

To write an exciting new feature announcement example, you need to create a clear and compelling message that highlights the key benefits of the new feature. Start by giving a brief overview of the feature and why it matters to your audience.

Use strong and descriptive language to describe the feature and its benefits, and include any relevant images or videos to help illustrate your points. Finally, be sure to build excitement by asking questions and encouraging feedback from your audience, as this will help create a sense of anticipation and engagement.

1. A New feature announcement example from Trello!

Trello, a project management tool, announced the addition of a new feature called “Calendar View.” This new feature allows users to view their Trello boards in a calendar format, making it easier to see and manage deadlines and due dates. The Calendar View solves a common problem faced by Trello users, which is the difficulty of keeping track of deadlines and due dates across multiple boards.

new feature announcement example
Here is the new feature of Trello that they mentioned in the new feature announcement example!

Trello communicated the new feature to its customers through a blog post on its official blog and in-app notifications. The blog post provided an in-depth overview of the new feature, its benefits, and how to use it. In-app notifications were used to alert Trello users about the new feature and provide them with a direct link to the blog post for more information.

2. Asana

Recently Asana launched a new feature called “Timeline”. Timeline provides users with a visual representation of their tasks and projects and makes it easier to plan and manage projects. This new feature solves a common problem faced by Asana users, which is the need for a clearer and more organized view of their projects and tasks.

new feature announcement example
Timeline provides users with a visual representation of their tasks and projects, making it easier to plan and manage projects.

They communicated about this new feature multiple ways. A blog post was published on the Asana blog, announcing the new feature, its benefits to users, but also some instruction on how to use it. An email newsletter was sent to all subscribers highlighting the new cutomized email templates as well as how to use them as well. In app notifications were used to alert existing customers of the new feature while they were using the platform, how they could benefit from it and what they needed to do in order to use it.

3. Local Security

Local Security provides advanced video surveillance technology to organizations worldwide. It serves its users by integrating cloud video management, artificial intelligence computer vision, and a proprietary cloud alarm management platform. Local Security creates a complementary ecosystem that enables its users to use best-in-class security services.

Local Security uses AnnounceKit for new feature announcements, important news, and updates. Thanks to AnnounceKit, they use many integrations to deliver a single announcement to their users through many different channels.

They announced a new feature with this announcement:

new feature announcement example 3

They can also collect feedback on their new features and update their features in the future based on the feedback they receive.

4. is a cloud-based platform that uses artificial intelligence to generate creative and compelling copy for marketing, branding, and content creation purposes.

The tool uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze language patterns and suggest written content for a given topic or theme. is designed to help businesses and marketers save time and effort on content creation and improve their marketing campaigns.

new feature announcement example use Modal Widget on their website to announce new features and important news to their users.

They explain how the new feature works by adding a screen recording to better understand the functions of the newly announced feature. They also direct users directly to the feature by adding a link so that users can experience the new feature. As in the example of Local Security, users can send feedback about the new feature.

Now I’ll show you how created a fantastic new feature announcement example step by step.

To begin, they used the modal widget in the application to announce the new feature they have developed to users who visit the website. They also added a video explaining the new feature with all its functions. By collecting feedback, they discovered the lacking sides of the new feature. The last part is the key to having a great product!


In conclusion, new feature announcement examples in SaaS products are an important way to demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. They can also have a significant impact on customer satisfaction and retention.

The four examples provided in this blog post demonstrate successful new feature announcements from Trello, Asana, Local Security, and These examples showcase the importance of effective communication and addressing customer pain points through new feature announcements.

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