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Every new product announcement is a relay race. A new feature serves as a baton that passes on from one team to another.  It begins from the management team, which decides the requirements and passes the baton further to design, development, testing, and then the DevOps team, which pushes the new features into the live application. Many presume that it’s the end of the race after that, but that’s not it!

The final lap is completed by the marketing team to ensure that the customers know about the incredible enhancements onboard. If the marketing team fails to do so, then the customers probably wouldn’t even realize that these features exist, unless of course, they are evidently noticeable.

Now, what is the most fundamental way of marketing these new features?
It’s new product announcements. Period.

Most businesses realize this fact and are actively writing a new product announcement for a new feature. However, writing a product update isn’t a cakewalk! Just announcing what’s new isn’t enough to do the job by itself. How you convey your product update announcement is essential.

There are specific ways through which you can fine-tune your new product announcement to drive more value. This article will show you the top 6 actionable tips that can help you and your team write better feature announcements. Without further ado, here is how you can announce a new product launch.

1. Know who to target

Your website or web-application may be catering to different audiences. You shouldn’t be sending updates to everyone about every new feature. Why?

Think about it if Amazon starts displaying notifications and updates around kitchenware to a set of solely interested consumers in buying sportswear. They are going to start ignoring notifications from Amazon after a while.

Similarly, your product might have a varied catalog, and understanding your audience will help you determine the right set of users to which your new product announcement is revolving around.

Once you segregate your product audience based on the interests, you can pitch your product announcements accordingly. Tailor-made product announcements based on the right audience will lead to better engagement over your product announcements.

2. Write a crisp & informative introduction

An average reader will spend only 15 seconds over a web page. Meaning the moment you have your user’s attention over the product announcement, the 15-second countdown begins. If you waste this time narrating something evident to them, the majority of users will bounce away from the new feature announcement.

Make sure you present a concise introduction that builds up the user’s interest and compels them to read more. Be direct and straightforward. “We are up with a new third-party integration to fast-track your workflows.”

A suspenseful tone might also help.

We’ve come up with something that will help you accomplish your tasks ten times faster. We are launching feature XYZ, and here is how it’s going to help.

Note: Don’t be “salesy” with your intro. Build up the reader’s interest first. Once they are inclined to read the product update further and find value in it, the sale would automatically kick-in.

3. Explain how the new feature elevates the current experience

Remember, every new feature is there to solve a unique user problem. Highlight the problem first and then explain how the new feature would help to overcome it.

For example:

We understand how difficult it can be to monitor your email marketing campaigns, which is why we have come up with a detailed dashboard which lets you…..!!

4. Incorporate a Video, GIF, Image wherever possible

Remember the 15-second rule? Rich media is another way for better user engagement, but that’s not all. By incorporating images, video, GIFs, etc. you’re able to showcase your product UI. Your customers can quickly realize where & how the new features are fitting your existing product.

For example: Show the UI of feature in action

5. Don’t forget to ask for feedback

Every product-first company values the importance of customer’s feedback. Encourage your users to share their feedback about the new product announcement.  Ask your users opinions in an effective way.

We hope you liked our recent additions to the platform, let us know in the comments what you liked and where you feel we could have been better. Your feedback is invaluable to us.

Ask for feedback on a New Product Announcement
With Announcekit, your users can rate their feelings around the product announcements with eye-catching emojis in just a single click.

6. Make some noise over social media.

Create an engaging post on social media channels around your new feature announcement and let it drive traffic and awareness around your brand.

Finally, ensure you have these product announcements sent across through in-app notifications and changelog. Announcekit offers an easy-to-integrate and intuitive interface for both.


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If new product announcements were easy, then everybody would have been able to ace it. However, these actionable tips can guarantee you better results from your new product announcements.  Cheers!

Also can you read our article about making announcements interesting on https://announcekit.app/blog/how-to-make-announcements-interesting/

How do you Announce a New Product?

Announcing a new product is an important step in any product launch. There are several strategies for announcing a new product, including developing creative press releases, leveraging the power of social media, and utilizing direct marketing tactics. By taking the time to craft an effective announcement strategy, businesses can effectively introduce their new products to the public and maximize their success.

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