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How hard it could be to ask for feedback? Why not Lean How to Ask for Feedback in the most effective way!

It is all about customers these days—84% of companies that work to improve their customer experience report an increase in their revenue.

Everyone agrees that customer feedback is essential to improve customer experience. However, most of them do not really show the necessary attention to collect and analyze feedback.

If you actively focus on how to ask for feedback, you learn harder, better, faster, stronger. With further thought on feedback, you can get beneficial and essential information to support your customer experience strategy.

How to Ask for Feedback?

As you improve your product and features to please a larger pool of customers, there will come an inflection point where your feedback methods will need to grow up too.

At this pivotal moment, you may ask yourself, “How can I ask for feedback efficiently without annoying my customers?” “How different methods can I use to improve my feedback strategy efficiently?”. Or you can simply ask us; we will try to explain it to you. Basically, you need to identify,

  • How to ask

    First, you need to prepare the right questions by identify the right people to ask for feedback. After that, you can focus on keeping it short, simple and caring. Ask for honesty.

  • When to ask

    You need to identify the right time to make sure you’re not bothering your customers too often. For example, you can send surveys about the whole product once or twice a year to the most loyal customers. Or, you can basically allow any customer to give feedback any time they want with a feedback tool embedded in your website.

  • Where to ask

    As you identify from whom you will ask for feedback, you can choose the right channel. In the following section, we will show you where to ask feedback in details.

💡 Do not focus on collecting positive feedback; focus on collecting valuable feedback.

7 Smart Ways to Collect Feedback

1. Use NPS Surveys

how to ask for feedback

Traditionally, using NPS surveys is the most efficient way to ask for feedback.

Why NPS?

Because NPS questions provide meaningful feedback, not just to understand how your customers feel about your product but also how you can improve their experience, it gives you valuable information on what your customers really think about your product -opinions, suggestions, pain points, etc. NPS survey is the best option to use for long-term customers.

2. Use Social Media Channels

How to ask for feedback

New trend! Recently, we see many big companies developing conversations with their customerson Twitter to support them and get valuable feedback from them. Every time a customer tweets or posts something about them, they instantly answer them back -or they may not even have to ask for feedback; it basically comes to them!

Social media has become a perfect environment to collect feedback. Your overall existence on social media can provide a wealth of information related to your customers and their opinions. Using social media to communicate is an efficient way to show that you care for their feedback and improve their experience with your product.

3. Use Live Chat

ask for feedback: how to

Apart from its several benefits, you can use live chat support to ask for feedback.

When your customers face a problem with your product, they probably won’t even bother to give constructive feedback. They are just more likely to close the tab and never come back. But, with live chat support, you can identify these customers and catch them before it’s too late.

After a long conversation and solving your customers’ problem, you can send them short satisfaction surveys or basically ask for a few words. This will definitely show that you care for their feedback and you are willing to improve their experience with your product.

4. Offer Survey Rewards

how to ask for feedback

Who doesn’t like rewards?

Receiving a reward in return for completing a survey will probably take your customers’ attention. That reward is an incentive to get you to take the survey.

The most important thing here is to decide on your reward. You don’t want anyone to fill out your survey; you want your loyal customers with valuable feedback. Therefore, offer rewards that will improve your customers’ experience with your product.

5. Use Feedback Tools

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As in the case of live chat support, using feedback tools is also one of the most traditional but efficient methods to ask for feedback.

Place your feedback tool on your page where it is familiar and discoverable—no need to hide the feedback option in the depth of your page. If you care about your customers’ feedback, make it visible. I want to share several feedback tools that are worth checking out.

6. Use Public Feedback Discussion Pages

how to ask for feedback

As GitHub just released, public feedback discussions pages provide your customers and users with a free environment. This environment allows your customers to discuss or comment on anything freely. What is really perfect about these pages is you don’t need to do anything; it is a place that circulates itself. Therefore, while your customers enjoy their freedom, you can improve their customer experience with little effort.

7. Use Tools with Instant Feedback Feature

How to ask for feedback

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… They all have it. Why would you not?

Instant feedback with emojis works brilliantly after you post something new -announce product updates or company news. Tools like AnnounceKit allow your customers to respond by clicking on emoji or send a comment directly. This way, you show that you care for their feedback for each of your updates.

Wrap Up

Learning how to ask for feedback is essential to improve customer experience and add more value to your product. By choosing the right people, questions, time, and channel,you’ll encourage your customers to get involved!

💡 Any feedback matters – ask for feedback without expecting to be praised. Constructive ones are the best for your development.

I hope you like the ways we’ve thought that best suit your product and businessin any case. What is your way of asking for feedback? Please share your ideas with us in the comments—or reach out to us on Twitter.


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