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More than 25,000 organizations from 130 countries entrust their businesses’ security in cyberspace to EasyDMARC. EasyDMARC’s all-in-one solution enables them to stop ransomware, business email compromise, email phishing, CEO fraud, domain spoofing, and other attacks. The result? Prevention of: Data leakage, financial loss, email phishing attacks, and customer loss. And most importantly – peace of mind – because clients can focus on achieving their business objectives rather than dealing with the worries and concerns associated with security.

EasyDMARC is going from strength to strength. Within the short span of 5 years, they now secure 25,000+ domains worldwide; handle 9,000,000,000 data points of traffic per month; and have mitigated 82,000,000 threats. And they are also a leader in customer satisfaction on review comparison site G2; and achieved a 98,7% client satisfaction rate for 2nd year customers. 

In order to achieve these milestones, their security solution had to evolve rapidly. They are constantly innovating. Constantly shipping. Constantly adding value. 

With a rapidly evolving security solution, maintaining real-time communication with their users is a strategic imperative. But without the right tools, this can quickly turn into a daunting challenge, as Ben – Product Manager at EasyDMARC – soon found out.  

Key use cases:

  • Direct & easy communication to target users on different plans with tailored messages (i.e. user segmentation)
  • In-app, on-brand communications via widgets & popups
  • Analytics – measuring engagement

The Challenge

“Maintaining real-time communication with our users has been a challenge”.

Before integrating AnnounceKit into their workflow, EasyDMARC faced significant challenges in keeping customers informed about new features, improvements, and updates. With a rapidly evolving security solution, they had three main pain points: 

  • Segmentation: EasyDMARC is offering multiple different plans to their customers. They wanted to be able to target users on specific plans with separate announcements. 
  • Real-Time Communication: Communicating product changes in real time was becoming increasingly challenging. And they also did not want to spam their users by sending out an email for every new feature or improvement that they shipped. EasyDMARC needed a way of sharing these updates directly within the application – to “catch” the user at the right moment – while they are using the product. 
  • Customer Engagement: They needed a way to engage with their customers instantly, in-app, especially when rolling out new improvements.

To address these challenges, EasyDMARC initially considered developing an in-house solution with their development team. However, this option had various drawbacks, most notably in terms of time and resources, and so they decided to trust AnnounceKit to solve these challenges for them. 

The Solution

I have used AnnounceKit before, so it was a no-brainer when finding a solution for EasyDMARC.

BEN – Product manager at Easydmarc

Ben was familiar with AnnounceKit from his time at a previous company – he did not forget about the ease of integration (who doesn’t love no-code applications?) and the positive experience they had with AnnounceKit. AnnounceKit delivered the results they were looking for, and he trusted AnnounceKit to do so once again. 

EasyDMARC’s primary goal was to establish seamless in-app communication with their customers, and to be able to target users on specific plans. AnnounceKit’s promise of instant and targeted communication aligned perfectly with their objectives.

The Results

AnnounceKit made a tangible impact on EasyDMARC’s communication strategy. They achieved the following:

  • Staying Connected: EasyDMARC improved their customer engagement by staying in touch with their user base in-app, in real time.
  • Targeted Messaging: The ability to target messages to distinct customer segments enhanced their ability to gather valuable feedback.

And they achieved these results in a matter of weeks, not months. They were pleasantly surprised by how easy & quick it is to set up AnnounceKit and implement user segmentation. 

Ben’s message to potential AnnounceKit users is clear: 

Give it a try, and you will see how easy it is to communicate all the new stuff that you release to your customers

BEN – Product manager at Easydmarc

Cheers Ben, cheers EasyDMARC. Working with you is a pleasure and we look forward to many more years as partners. 


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