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Sharing updates and new features with your customers before they go live is very important but it can sometimes be a real challenge.

If you cannot find a simple way of notifying your customers, your customers may feel that they are being left out of the loop with the updates.

Flexfone was also one of the companies suffering from this problem. But eventually found the solution in AnnounceKit.

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Standalone Feed
Email Notifications

Flexfone is a Danish telecommunications company. We believe in creating simple, user-friendly, and cost-effective solutions for business communication.Flexfone provides an adaptable, user-friendly, and functional business phone system for over 3000 Danish companies.

“We believe that telecommunication is supposed to relieve the workload in a company to boost the employees’ performance. We do not believe in complicated nontransparent solutions, which fail to adapt to companies’ natural progress and development. That is why we have assembled some of the best and brightest people from the telecommunication industry, who has a cumulative knowledge and experience of more than 400 years. We thereby ensure that our customers always have the best and most optimal solution for telecommunication.” Flexfone

Flexfone users felt that they were being left out of the loop with the updates

“Our customers are really curious about what new features we release or would like to learn even about minor changes.” says Maciej. Sometimes, their users would become somewhat disappointed when they were not kept in the loop. So, for a long time, they were looking for ways to communicate to all of their users, in a friendly and direct way and to keep them in the loop.

They knew that they wanted some sort of widget to pop up in their system

Flexfone tried to make their own notification system but, even though it seems simple to just send a mail to users or to make a news widget, it still takes a lot of work and testing to make sure that everything works as intended.

When they realized that it will take them lots of time and effort, they decided to look for a complete and already ready solution. Maciej says “We did a lot of researching; we knew that we wanted some sort of widget to pop up in our system whenever we released a change or new feature.”

They wanted their users to subscribe to updates

announcekit email subscription

They also wanted their users to subscribe to emails, that were sent out at the same time as the post. By doing so, they wanted to inform their users even when they are away from the product or miss the in-app notifications.

AnnounceKit had all of these for them

announcekit myfone

They eventually met AnnounceKit. Maciej says that they chose AnnounceKit because it seemed to be easy to set up and fulfill their requirements in a superior way.

“We wanted a fast and friendly way of notifying our customers about changes in our product and with AnnounceKit, we accomplished just that!”

Maciej Maciejewski, Designer at Flexfone
maciej maciejewski

Flexfone uses almost all key features of AnnounceKit. Among them, they really like the way of customizing the style of their own widgets, feed, and boosters. They also like the mail subscription feature, where users who don’t see the widget and want the news directly in their inbox can subscribe.

No more negative feedback

They used to get somewhat negative feedback from their customers when they rolled out new features without informing their users beforehand. But, since they started to inform their customers with AnnounceKit, they haven’t really received any negative feedback of that sort.

The opening rates of our e-mails and widgets are quite good with AnnounceKit, which shows that people like the way they are informed of new features.

Maciej Maciejewski, Designer at Flexfone

With AnnounceKit, we clearly see that our users open all e-mails from AnnounceKit, with very few unsubscribes, and the opening rate of our widget is very good.

The support at Announcekit is very fast and very friendly

Maciej says the support team at AnnounceKit is very fast at responding if you have any issues or feature suggestions. “We actually had an issue, where the danish translation on Announcekit had some spelling errors, which we informed AnnounceKit about, and within the hour, our feedback was live.”

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