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I want you to imagine a future. You wake up in the morning at the time you set before, and your bedroom curtains are opened according to the routine. The light of the newly born sun enters through the windows. A piece of music that will motivate you is already playing in the room.

Your favorite breakfast of french toast and boiled eggs is ready. Also, eggs are always of the same consistency. While you are having breakfast, your intelligent assistant Jarvis shares your schedule and to-do list for the day. (The name Jarvis may sound familiar. He also provides similar services for Iron Man. 😊)

Jarvis has created an exercise program for you based on your diet for the past week. While you are having your breakfast, you are also looking at the exercises you will do on the hologram.

These are the things artificial intelligence did for you in the first part of the day. Are you excited for the rest of the day?

Today, some of the services I mentioned above may be provided by artificial intelligence. I am sure that we will not wait too long for things that are not yet in our lives. According to some, artificial intelligence is as important as the discovery of fire and electricity for human history, and according to others, it is the doomsday scenario that will bring about the end of humanity.

So what does it really mean for SaaS companies that put technology at their center?

Is there anyone who doesn’t know what artificial intelligence is among us? 😅

I think everyone has some idea, but for those who don’t, I will explain what artificial intelligence is. That’s my job, explaining some things and telling stories with creativity. 😋

I will explain it in its simplest form. Artificial intelligence is a field, which combines computer science and robust datasets, to enable problem-solving. I can explain it in a different way, Artificial Intelligence, also referred to by the acronym AI, refers to systems or machines that mimic human intelligence to perform tasks and can gradually improve themselves with the information it collects.

Although we are not aware of it, we often encounter artificial intelligence in our daily lives. When we contact someone from the chat program for our banking transactions, it is usually artificial intelligence that speaks to us.

Do you like watching movies? If your answer is yes, let me give you a little secret; The movies that Netflix recommends to us are artificial intelligence suggestions. It makes new suggestions based on the movies we watched in the past and the users who watched the movies similar to us.

By the way, who watched the movie “The Imitation Game”? Highly recommend it if you are interested in computer science and historical movies! 🎬

I got a little chatty so let’s get back to our main topic: We looked at artificial intelligence from people’s perspectives so far, so, what does it mean for companies?

What are the advantages of Artificial Intelligence for companies?

In addition to the advantages of artificial intelligence for humans, it also brings a number of advantages for companies.

– Providing better customer support experiences
– Ability to analyze data and collect insights
– Ensuring better security solutions against threats
– Saving more time for customers

These are the most outstanding advantages of artificial intelligence for SaaS companies. Now it’s time to get into the details! 👇

Providing better customer support experiences:

One of the most important advantages of artificial intelligence for SaaS companies is that it contributes to the improvement of customer satisfaction and loyalty rates. ⭐

You have probably used the chat support option on any e-commerce site or banking transactions. So what were we doing when there was no chat support? Let me tell you: we were waiting on the phone for minutes and we were wasting time!

Currently, thanks to artificial intelligence-supported chat support, we can find solutions to our problems or get answers to our questions within seconds. Of course, this might be possible on a well-running system. 💪🏻

artificial intelligence
Petplan is a pet insurance company based in London and provides chat support to its users.

Another advantage of this technology is that it collects every reply message as feedback. At the end of the day, you can focus on the issues your customers are having the most trouble with by looking at the statistics.

In addition, thanks to chat support with artificial intelligence, you can only convey the necessary issues to your real customer support employee. Your artificial intelligence-assisted assistant transmits the necessary information to the customer support team and offers a definitive solution based on the information they have.

Customers are happy, your employees are happy, and you are happy. I really love technology! 🎃

Ability to analyze data and collect insights:

Artificial intelligence technology brings with it powerful analysis capabilities. Thanks to AI, you begin to read data correctly and use this data to your advantage.

Artificial intelligence can meticulously track user behavior and infer meanings based on historical data. For example, it can draw behavior graphs of users who unsubscribe. Users who perform similar actions with these users are perhaps considering terminating their subscriptions.

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Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can predict these users using historical data and contact them before unsubscribing. SaaS companies that detect user problems also have a chance to reduce cancellation rates. 📉

Let’s take a look from another perspective. There are things you don’t like about the product you are using; some features do not work as you want, or you frequently encounter errors. They anticipate your concerns and contact you, and your problems begin to disappear one by one.

This example demonstrates the power of data and artificial intelligence! 💪🏻

Ensuring better security solutions against threats:

When good and effective technology is used, groups that want to use this technology for bad purposes also emerge quickly. Yes, you guessed it, right. Hackers.

They take action to empty bank accounts, collect user information and sell it to different people, or simply show that they can do it. Hackers are a huge threat to SaaS companies, and the company’s reputation suffers when a successful cyberattack becomes public.

So what is the solution SaaS companies need? They have moved from a computer-centric system to a cloud-based one, but this was not an adequate solution. Considering that thousands of users have access to SaaS tools, the risk increases proportionally.

Our solution is not too far from us. Of course! It is artificial intelligence. 🧠

artificial intelligence
The cloud giant Oracle has started to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to protect its cloud security services.

So many SaaS companies have recently added machine learning and AI to protect their cloud security services. With these technologies’ power, they can automatically identify unusual behaviors, by this way conduct suitable incident response or remediation to address the issue. More SaaS companies are turning to AI as this technology is proved to be the new powerful cybercriminal repellent. 💻

Saving more time for customers:

Time. It is a really valuable concept for humans. No matter how much money we have, we cannot buy time. We need to be more attentional when we spend time on something. ⏰

One of the features that we will highlight when defining artificial intelligence is that it does a lot of work for us. Let’s think about all of the projects and jobs artificial intelligence works for us. E-commerce, health services, software technology, marketing, and so on.

artificial intelligence

This is the key point for people when they need to choose a SaaS project for themselves or their business. 🔑

  • Does my tool or product have any artificial intelligence features?
  • Does my tool help people by saving time?
  • Does my product make people’s work easier?

Let’s ask the above questions for your own SaaS business. If your answers to these questions are yes, people will choose the tool or product you provide with peace of mind.

If your answer is no, you’d better add features that will ease people’s workload as soon as possible. Otherwise, people will prefer modern projects that have adopted artificial intelligence for their SaaS business.

Make people’s work easier, and save them time. Thanks to artificial intelligence, people will become loyal advocates of your product. 🤖

Who else is using artificial intelligence technology in their SaaS product? You don’t need to think much about the answer!

AnnounceKit has many customers from different countries around the world. So what kind of service does AnnounceKit provide to its users?

AnnounceKit is an AI SaaS product that helps companies to announce product updates and news to their customers. (If you have questions about making effective announcements, this article is for you.) Companies raise their customer satisfaction rates and reduce churn rates because of the services AnnounceKit gives them.

I would love to have that service if I had a SaaS company!

Since all these companies are from different sectors, they have different needs. Then, AnnounceKit has developed a new feature by powering with artificial intelligence technology!

Don’t waste your time, use the AI!

You may need to make dozens of announcements during the day. You have thousands of customers and you need to write announcement texts for different segments. Because the announcement you make may not be of interest to everyone.

This is another feature AnnounceKit provides, making announcements by segment. Anyway, that’s not our topic today. I’ll share my positive opinion with you about this feature another day. 🚀

artificial intelligence
Thank god for AI Writing Assistant!

The panel above is very easy to use. By only filling in certain fields, you can eliminate the task of writing an announcement, which used to take a lot of time, from being a workload for you.

Now you can announce product updates in seconds without worrying about writing or formatting them yourself. Just give some keywords, and our AI-powered assistant will take care of the rest!

Here is the coolest part:

AnnounceKit also announces its own product developments through the application and that’s when a brilliant idea came to their mind. Why isn’t our new announcement written by our AI Writing Assistant?

artificial intelligence
Pay attention to the note!

The AnnounceKit team has made their new features pretty cool as you can see above. Yes, that’s the artificial intelligence era. Let’s see if will AnnounceKit announces new features based on artificial intelligence technology in the future. We will wait and see! 🍻


For some, artificial intelligence will remain a myth that will bring about the end of humanity. While people continue to argue about it, many companies will continue to develop new AI-powered features and make people’s lives easier.

SaaS companies that act according to the needs of the age can sustain growth rates. However, I do not see a very good future for companies advancing with a traditional vision.

Catching success is in your hands. If the above reasons make sense to you, start working right away and benefit from the power of artificial intelligence.

Take care of yourself until artificial intelligence takes over the world!

Hasta la Vista! 🤸‍♂️


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