Tarrasque.io v0.18.1

Hi everyone! This release has a few bug fixes, some performance and stability improvements, and a few more QoL changes! Enjoy!


  • Added a loading progress bar at the top of the map to indicate when the full-resolution image/video has finished loading.

  • The Dashboard and Battle Maps panel now update automatically when a battle map has been added, updated, or deleted. No need to refresh anymore!
  • Dashboard battle map images now sport a loading spinner to let you know if they're still loading or if they've failed.

  • Changed the Adventurers and Monsters panels to show the selected default token color, so that it's consistent with what you'll see when you drop the token.

  • Renamed the default token corners option "Circle" to "Circular".

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where updating share access would sometimes undo changes on a battle map.
  • Fixed a bug where newly-added tokens wouldn't adhere to the default token color.
  • Fixed a bug with the dimensions of new tokens for maps where the grid square was more of a grid rectangle (e.g. 110x100).
  • Fixed an issue with Duplicate Battle Map not copying over Area of Effect shapes.
  • Fixed an issue with being able to open the token actions for a token that has been deleted.

Tarrasque.io v0.18.0: Sort Assets & Token Locations

Hi everyone! Another huge QoL update and a lot of bugfixes in this release. Enjoy!

New features:

  • Sort assets. Ever hoped you could sort your monsters by Challenge Rating or Armor Class? Well, now you can!

  • Previous token location. You can now see the previous location of a token you're moving so that you can better estimate how much movement it has left!


  • Drag to map location. When using a grid, dragging a creature to the map will now show you where the token will appear once you drop it.

  • Add to map location. When hovering over the "Add to Map" button, you'll now see a preview of where the token will appear when you click it.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with tokens being added to an adjacent grid square when dropped too far from the center of the square. 
  • Fixed an issue with the bug report dialog showing up during a file size error, and thus causing you to miss the error message.
  • Fixed an issue with the spells importer not working for XML files.
  • Fixed token resize handles not updating when a token has been moved or deleted.
  • Fixed a bug with token resize handles showing up over stat blocks and token actions.
  • Fixed an issue with being able to drag the map image element when using the Select tool.
  • Fixed a bug with stat blocks showing up over popovers and token actions.
  • Fixed an issue with text on the map being selectable.
  • Fixed a calculation issue with storage space usage.

Tarrasque.io v0.17.0: Video Battle Maps

Hi everyone! After a complete rewrite of the upload functionality, I'm thrilled to announce the release of video battle maps! Enjoy!

  • Bring your maps to life. You can now upload video battle maps with sound!. Uploading is also now a lot more reliable and big files should no longer fail randomly.

  • First contentful paint. Battle maps now load a low-resolution version while the original is loading, so you can interact with the map faster!

  • Backups. Lots of them. Your maps and data are now being encrypted and backed up 4 times a day (on-site and off-site) to ensure that nothing ever gets lost.
  • Your used storage space can now be seen on the dashboard.

  • The latest unread update will now appear on your dashboard. Click on it to view more!

  • Untouched stat blocks now expand/collapse when toggling a panel

Tarrasque.io v0.16.1

Hi everyone! Tiny update today with a stat block improvement and a couple of bugfixes! Enjoy!

  • Changed stat block behavior so that it fills available vertical space without covering the Adventurers/Monsters panel.
  • Fixed a bug that caused entities on the map to flicker when a player moved a token.
  • Fixed an issue with being able to zoom in/out before the map data had finished loading.

Tarrasque.io v0.16.0: Token Permissions & Dashboard Redesign

Hi everyone - huge update alert! Today brings one of the most highly requested features, a redesign, and a treat for those of you running multiple campaigns! Enjoy!

  • Dashboard Redesign: Whoo, brand new dashboard! You can now see more maps at a time, access your campaigns with fewer clicks, and light mode is actually light! The whole thing should work even better on mobile as well.

  • Token Permissions: You can now assign adventurers to a specific campaign so that they only appear in battle maps where they are relevant! And most importantly, you can set which players can control them! 🎉

  • But what about monster companions, you ask? Yep, those can be assigned to a campaign and players as well. Spells too!

  • Moved the Move to Campaign option from the battle map actions to the Update Battle Map modal.

  • Fixed an issue which caused huge animated GIFs to fail to upload.
  • Fixed an issue where the resize borders of a token would appear over the token actions menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the "No battle maps found" wouldn't be centered properly 😁
  • Fixed an issue on iOS which caused an unnecessary scrollbar on both the app and the website.
  • Fixed an issue with users without a verified email being able to login by resetting their password.

Tarrasque.io v0.15.1

Hi everyone! It's been a quiet week but I'm hoping this was worth the wait! Enjoy!

  • Introducing the Tarrasque.io Help Center! Full of tutorials, frequently asked questions, live chat and more! Check it out at https://tarrasque.io/help

  • Added the 5e SRD compendium as an optional download on the Import modal. Check out the repository at https://github.com/tarrasqueio/dnd-5e-srd-compendium. You can use the examples here to create your own JSON/XML import files.
  • Added the ability to ping a token by double-clicking it using the Select tool. You can now also do this via the token actions menu.
  • Added footer links to the dashboard for the Changelog, Roadmap, and Help Center.
  • Renamed the inconsistent "Token Style" and "Border Style" options to "Token Corners".
  • Changed the Fog of War menu to always show on screen while the Hide or Reveal tools are selected.
  • Made the Tags multi-select close when you select an option instead of staying open.
  • Fixed an issue with zoom in/out changing the camera position to the top left.
  • Fixed an issue with converting a player account into a DM account.

Tarrasque.io v0.15.0: Encounter Difficulty & XP

Hi everyone! A few new things in this update, including the ability to plan your encounters straight from Tarrasque.io. Enjoy!

  • Combat tracker now shows encounter difficulty and earned XP!

  • Added level and XP fields for adventurers. You'll need to update your adventurers with their correct level in order for the Encounter Difficulty rating to be accurate.

  • Huge performance boosts when editing a stat block. Should be super snappy now!
  • Moved the toolbar to the top right so that it can still be accessed when you have open menus.
  • Added "Copy of" prefix to duplicated assets.
  • Fixed an issue with long asset names showing up behind action icons - they can now span to a second line if needed.
  • Fixed an issue with the app crashing when using an uppercase letter for the dice notation.
  • Fixed an issue with the app crashing when deleting a creature while its stat block was open.
  • Fixed the error page when a battle map can't be found.
  • Fixed random crash when opening the Help menu on touch devices.
  • Fixed an issue with adding a new map which was causing it to not be added in the correct campaign. Also made sure that you can't create maps in a campaign you're a player of.
  • Fixed an issue with negative initiative not being displayed correctly.

Tarrasque.io v0.14.1

Hi everyone, just a quick round of fixes and improvements after Multiplayer. Enjoy!

  • Fixed an issue with token and combat data not updating in real-time.
  • The "Redirect to Map" button is now disabled if you don't have access enabled for a map. This should alleviate situations where you accidentally redirect users to a map they don't have access to.

  • Double click to ping a location now also works with the Select tool.
  • Pinging a location on the map at the same time as another user would hide the previous ping. Not anymore it doesn't.

  • Your guests/players can now see round information on the Combat Tracker!

  • You can now switch from the Hide tool to the Reveal tool by tapping "3". You can also cycle through all of the Area of Effect shapes by tapping "5" repeatedly.
  • Fixed an issue with the Undo/Redo buttons being greyed out, even though the hotkeys worked.
  • Fixed an issue with the token color picker causing an unhandled error.
  • Fixed an issue with adding combatants for non-existent tokens.

Tarrasque.io v0.14.0: Multiplayer

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to announce that Multiplayer is finally here! Thank you all so much for your support, it really means the world to me. Enjoy!

  • You can now invite your players to play with you online! Just add their email on the campaign players modal and they'll receive an invitation to sign up.

  • For now, players can move any token on the map, but I'll be adding a way to limit them to specific creatures in an upcoming update 😇.
  • Players can only see maps for which you have enabled access in the "Share" dialog. This is disabled by default so as to allow you to prepare a map before making it visible.
  • As hinted above, campaign folders for grouping maps (and players) together! Your existing maps have been added under a single campaign, but you can create a new campaign and move your maps around as you wish!

  • You can now set the default color that new tokens will have when you drop them on the map!

  • You can now click the "Redirect to Map" button to redirect your players to a password-protected map 🎉. NB: the password will appear on their URL, so don't use the same password for each map!
  • Updated a bunch of icons 😄

  • Simplified the in-app battle map menu to contain just "Share" and "Present". The rest of the options can be found on the dashboard.
  • Changed the map toolbar to now be expanded by default.
  • Fixed an issue with tokens mistakenly being given a background color when dropped on the map.
  • Performance and security improvements.

Tarrasque.io v0.13.2

Hi everyone! I've been hard at work on Multiplayer but I wanted to take some time to release some of the things I've been working on in the meantime. Enjoy!

  • Moved the map tools from the navigation to a "speed dial" menu that resides on the map, in order to enhance its visibility on mobile devices and make space for more great things to come!

  • Separated the Battle Maps menu from the Adventurers, Monsters, and Spellbook, as it's not really in the same category as the rest.

  • Reorganized user settings with a collapsible layout in order to avoid overwhelming you with options!

  • Added the ability to set a "Display Name" for your account. Its purpose will be explained in the next release! 😁 

  • Selected tokens will now be highlighted to make it clearer that they are selected.

  • Removed the unnecessary "Open" item from the battle map context menu - you can just click the thumbnail to open the map.
  • The "Share Battle Map" dialog now automatically saves your changes without needing you to manually submit the form.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dice Roller would appear in the wrong position.
  • Fixed an issue with the highlighted combatant not being unhighlighted when its respective token was deselected.
  • Standardized the look and feel of all text fields on the app.
  • Fixed an issue with the supported image formats text overflowing in user settings.
  • Reinstated the Reset Password page...it had somehow gone for a walk...
  • Updated the emails sent by the app to use the dark theme and the new font.

P.S.: You may or may not find some not-so-subtle hints of things to come with the next release 😁

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