Tarrasque.io v0.40: Stat Block Links & Selectively Import Monsters/Spells

This update brings the ability to create external links in stat blocks, a better upload experience, and a new way to import individual monsters/spells from large JSON/XML files! Enjoy!

What's new:

  • Stat Block Links. You can now quickly create links to external URLs from a stat block! Next up, links to spells!

  • Selectively Import Monsters/Spells. Gone are the days of manually editing JSON/XML files or importing hundreds of creatures you'll never use. You can now select which monsters and spells to import when uploading a JSON or XML files!


  • Uploading of large files should now be much more reliable and should complete much faster!
  • Imported monsters and spells are now assigned to the active campaign to avoid polluting your global asset library with campaign-specific assets.
  • Images will now only load when they're in view - gotta save those kilobytes!

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with tokens snapping into a previous position after changing their HP from the Combat Tracker.
  • Fixed a bug with notes not saving properly.
  • Fixed an issue with long map names not wrapping to a new line.
  • Fixed a bug with users being unable to restart a paused subscription due to multiple failed payments.
  • Fixed a bug where the token color picker would sometimes not show after clicking on it.