Tarrasque.io v0.35.1

A warm welcome to the 1200+ DMs who signed up to Tarrasque.io for the Open Beta! Here's the first round of improvements and bug fixes from your feedback. Enjoy!


  • Moved the Dashboard button from the Battle Maps panel to the bottom bar of the app so that it's easier to get to!

  • Added a close (X) button to the top right of every surface.

  • Changed the look & feel of dialogs and panels for easier identification of actions and content through darker shades.

  • Moved the round information in the Combat Tracker under the combat controls so that it's more visible when hovering over the buttons.
  • Added a confirmation dialog to the Roll Initiative button on the Combat Tracker so you don't accidentally reroll initiative for everyone mid-combat. Also moved the Reset Combat button to the top as it's not one of the main combat controls.
  • Player email addresses now get partially hidden after a user joins a campaign for privacy reasons.

  • Merged first name and last name into a single "name" field for privacy reasons. No more last name requirement if you don't feel like it!
  • Changed login session expiry from 7 to 15 days so that your group doesn't get logged out mid-session!
  • Added the Note tool to the Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Change submit button wording from "Edit" to "Save" in update modals.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the autocomplete input would not auto-select the first entry, and required you to manually select it before adding it to the list.
  • Fixed a bug where error messages wouldn't show up when editing a stat block, thus making it impossible to save when there were errors.

  • Fixed an issue with messages in chat that have special characters not rendering correctly.

  • Fixed a bug where the app would pop up with a warning that said you were reconnecting to the server every few minutes, even though no disconnection had happened.
  • Fixed an issue where an invalid error would pop up when trying to send back a token that was already at the back.
  • Fix a Firefox bug with spacing between the battle map search field and the Sort/Filter buttons on the dashboard.