SaaS market is overcrowded with tools that almost look identical. In order to discover the perfect one – you have to spend hours of testing and exploring. You spend your valuable time that could have reinforced to actually grow your business.

We are here to help you with the issue and answer your questions about Noticeable and AnnounceKit. Since some similarities and differences are hidden in between software making your decision-making process harder.

Is AnnounceKit a better alternative to Noticeable?

Both AnnounceKit and Noticeable include essential features to keep your users' updates and informed about the latest updates. Moreover, additional features transform a simple tool to a powerful solution that helps you to engage with your audience and provide them a medium to talk about their user experience in a convenient way.

Although, the price tag might dictate your decision and you will more likely then deviate to AnnounceKit (as it is the most affordable tool in the market). We recommend you to compare side by side available features and roadmaps to have a deeper look at the value you can receive today and in the future from both Noticeable and AnnounceKit.

Bonus: AnnounceKit not only offers a great variety of different customizable widgets, but they are also very lightweight. So our widgets don't affect the load time of a website. A nice bonus for search engines ranking concerned users. In fact, AnnounceKit widget weights 4 times less than Noticeable widget. (55Kb VS 237kb).

Noticeable VS AnnounceKit features comparison table

Alternative to Noticeable features comparison table

AnnounceKit & Noticeable differences

Comparing the main features from “Features” pages of Noticeable and AnnounceKit only tells one side of the story. To get the big picture we need to dig deeper and discover minor differences that affect your everyday user experience.


Each and every website is different and has its own unique branding elements. One widget doesn't fit all. All variations of noticeable widgets are available here. And if you pay attention essentially they all look identical.

AnnounceKit offers more control. Not only you have access to 5 different types of widgets: floating, line, badge, embed, javascript. But also, with 3 different actions: pop up, sidebar, and direct link.

On top of that each widget can be customized further in the settings:

Oh, and lastly. All widgets are available for Free users. :)

Emoji and Feedback

Most of the Feedback that you receive is related to the whole service or product, and thus it is a challenge to understand the performance of a single feature.

AnnounceKit and Noticeable Feedback and Emoji reaction collect Feedback for every new update. You can use its information to discover whether the anticipated excitement level was true and whether people actually like the feature or not. It takes users less than 5 seconds to click on emoji or send your comments. We help companies to ruin the barrier between them and their users. All data from Feedback is later summarized in a dashboard.


Sometimes we develop features for one specific location to test it before the whole worlds see it. Segmentation allows you to publish updates to users who are located in this country.

Both AnnounceKit and Noticeable support Segmentation feature.

It is a feature that allows you to talk to a target audience and send targeted messages. Whether you want to send a welcome discount or treat loyalist differently – segmentation makes it possible.

User Tracking

Track your users' activities and know when a specific person left feedback, emoji reaction or subscribed to the newsletter. Moreover, all users' actions are going to be summarized in "Activities" dashboard and present your general happiness, unhappiness or neutral as well as comments indicators.

For example, if a person showed you that she wasn't excited about a feature and left negative feedback, you can identify who the person is, and use the information to address the issue personally.

Email Notifications

Email Notifications is AnnounceKit's unique features, that Noticeable doesn't offer.

AnnounceKit sends automatic emails from Newsfeed. Say no to boring "we've missed you" emails. AnnounceKit sends your users automatic product updates to show people how your product is improving. No need for extra copy-pasting, simply click on "Notify Subscribers". Beautiful, isn't it?

To Conclude

The choice between AnnounceKit and Noticeable is complicated. There are many aspects to be considered.

Some people prefer to have an email notification feature, others like IP access management. One would like to have access to more customizable widgets, others would like to add featured images.

AnnounceKit and Noticeable are two great solutions that aim to keep your customers updated about the latest company news and product updates.

We hope that this series of articles helped you to save your time and bring some clarity.

Read our series of comparison articles and find out which tool will work the best for you and discover small features that either will impress you or bother.