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User satisfaction is one of the most important KPIs to affect your business. Research shows that 32% of the customers don’t interact with the brand again after a poor user experience.

Even the research validates that if you provide a better user experience to customers, 86% of them are willing to pay more. To boost revenue and heighten your business, simply focus on improving online surveys and the latest product updates. 

But, how can you increase user satisfaction with the UX surveys and the product updates? What can you do to implement the proper UX survey and announce product updates?

Don’t panic; read the complete guide because we have compiled the best tips to make a visible difference in your business by improving customer satisfaction. 

What is an online UX survey?

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Simply put, the UX surveys are a set of questions intended to collect the data about your services. It helps to get a dive into customers’ interaction with your app or products. With the qualitative and quantitative data, you can assess whether your customers are satisfied or not. 

Have a look at how the UX surveys increase user satisfaction and how you can create the best online survey. 

UX surveys increase engagement and interactions with users

The tailored UX surveys are a great way to know users’ preferences. Because the users directly engage and enter their response to your queries, thus building a loyal and long-lasting relationship. They are interested in answering the UX survey questions to give their feedback about the product. 

Whether they want the changes or improvements or are satisfied with your products, you can get honest reviews. It gives the users a real sense of confidence that you value their feedback and integrate changes. Thus, the improved and targeted audience-based UX surveys increase user satisfaction with actionable data insights. 

Surveys help to identify user problems

The majority of users don’t tend to complain about your services or products. If they are not satisfied, they hop on other brands and don’t return. Here, the surveys provide faster and cheaper results with quick to analyze answers-you can get the user problems with simple questions. Deploy the response and feedback of the surveys to resolve the problem and increase user satisfaction. 

How to Improve UX surveys?

Various proven techniques can improve the UX surveys for an epic response rate. You should first understand your customer’s basics, including the demographics, interests, and problems, and then heed to create surveys. 

  • Properly Organize the structure of the survey 
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Keep the surveys short and simple with the fundamental questions targeting the customer pain points. Don’t indulge in exaggerating or unnecessary questions; instead, access the user intent to gather your targeted information.

Make each question in plain English so that the users can better answer and rate their experience. Based on your budget and time, you can validate your UX survey by sending it to various stakeholders. Check those survey examples to get a grasp!

  • Ask Relevant questions with a sequence

Place the simple questions at the start and then move with the complex and open-ended questions at the end. Perform your research on why you are sending the survey to the users, do you know the problem or need to identify the problem. Then, provide the users with the appropriate options and limit your question to a single problem or feature.  

What is a Product Update?

A product update is simply the improvements in the features or fixation of a problem to meet the customers’ needs. It goes hand in hand with the UX surveys, as the problem is fixed by the updates that users love to see and experience. The product update is essentially the buzz because it increases the value of your product and user satisfaction. 

Updating products charge up your customers

Customers are fed up with the continuous use of outdated features, and providing improved features maintains their interest visibly. Users get excited by the announcement of the product update, whether they are investing their money or time.

Enhanced security or the advanced specs that provide them seamless experience with no to zero threat of bugs and easy operation increases user satisfaction at an elevated level. 

With the advancement in the marketing world, only the latest product features can tackle the key metrics for development and business. 

How Can You Announce Product Updates?

Consistent communication with the customers at the right channel at the right time is necessary to persuade them to adopt the changes. Market your features according to the customer’s perspective and make them aware of the benefits. Fill up the gap with the right communication to ensure the success of your product change, either minor or major.

By following ways, you can announce the product update.

Dedicated changelog page for your product updates

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AnnounceKit changelog page for your product updates

A changelog page is a unique webpage that belongs to you and lists the announcements you published. It allows you to keep a historical record of your announcements in an organized way.

Simply, a personalized changelog page is like a complete archive of your product updates. You can keep a changelog to share product updates and company news, and get feedback and insights from the audience without any other extra work.

In-app product announcements

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In-app product announcements

An in-app product announcement with a pop-up or notification excites the readers to learn more about the update. Check out this use case to get into it!

The research shows that the in-app announcements are an effective and modern way-with the companies getting a significant increase in uptake of product adoption. 

Leveraging in-app announcements for product updates imparts the following benefits.

  • Increase user satisfaction and user retention
  • Directly engages the customers about product improvements
  • Helps increase product adoption and user numbers

Email announcements and Slack notifications

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Email is another tool to announce your product improvement or update. But you need to pay attention to the content of the email so that it can get the attention of the users.

Predict your targeted audiences, detect the right tone of voice that suits their interests, and urge them to open the email and complete the action. As we stated earlier, highlight the benefits of the product update for the users to make the email appealing. Keep the email short, clear, and fun for the readers with a clear call to action. 

Final Thoughts

Both the online surveys and the product updates help increase user satisfaction by following simple steps. Proper market research and targeted audience preferences enhance the efficacy of your services.

More and more customers tend to use the app or product that values them and understands and fulfills their needs. Ask the right questions in the online UX surveys to detect the problems users face and then update the product for a better user experience. 

This article is written by Ula Niepewna, in collaboration with Startquestion

Ula is a content writer with experience in journalism and SEO copywriting, who found her place in the IT world (which was a big surprise even, or maybe primarily, for her). Currently Content Marketing Team Leader in Startquestion with five years of experience in creating professional content in HR and Marketing research, Customer Experience, and User Experience. After work, Ula is an obsessive reader, Harry Potter psycho fun, and traveler who catches every occasion to see the world and taste good food – both locally and globally.

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