Tarrasque.io v0.32.0: Chain Measurements, Custom Markers, Shape Ruler & Player Spells

Well, this is one of the most packed updates in a while. Enjoy!

What's New:

  • Chain measurements. You can now cut through corners and chain measurements together by right-clicking on the map while using the Measure tool.

  • Measure tool for shapes. Shapes have never been easier to draw on a grid. All shapes now automatically measure the draw distance for you while being created.

  • Custom markers. There are a ton more markers available now, which should cover most use-cases. And if not, well, you can now create your own markers!

  • Player Spellbooks. Players now have their own spellbooks to create and import their favourite spells into! I never wanna hear the phrase "what does my spell do?" again.


  • Token bar and token menu have been merged. Token actions were split between two places and it felt clunky, so now all your token controls are available by right-clicking on a token. Also, it's a tad bit more organized now.

  • Merged Hide and Reveal tools. Speaking of being organized, the Hide and Reveal tools have now been merged into one Fog tool. As with the Draw and Shape tools, you can switch between different modes (Hide and Reveal) from the action bar, by clicking on the Fog tool icon, or by tapping the hotkey (3).

  • Battle Map Quick Icons. I've listened to your feedback about the Share & Present actions being too important to be hidden in a menu, and I'm here to make amends. The in-app battle maps panel now features quick icons under the battle map name to allow you to be as productive as possible!

  • Info buttons. As you can see from the panel screenshot above, nearly every panel and dialog now has an Info button attached to it. Clicking this will open up the appropriate Helpdesk article for that panel, to help you get the most out of the app.

Bug fixes:

  • Scaling handles. If you've ever uploaded a map that's under 1000x1000px, you've probably come across the issue where resize and rotate handles for tokens, shapes, and Fog of War, as well as the Measure tool popups, were far too big. Well, no more. Everything should scale properly now depending on map dimensions and zoom level. I'm genuinely more happy about this than I am about anything else in this changelog!
  • Fixed a bug with dice notations that had a +0 modifier not being recognized as valid dice notations.
  • Fixed marker placement on tokens when combat is inactive.
  • Fixed the size of the shown dice notation while rolling dice. It was smol.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't mouseover the "+3" markers notation with the Pan tool to show the marker tooltips.