Tarrasque.io v0.29.0: Object Tokens & Hide Monster Names

This week's update brings two heavily-requested features, more control over token overlays, and a few bug fixes! Enjoy!

What's New:

  • Object tokens. You can now add tokens for furniture, props, and other assets that require a token to be visualized on the map, but don't have a stat block attached to them!

As with Adventurers and Monsters, you can drag and drop these onto your map or click the "Add to Map" icon to create an object token.

  • Campaign settings for creatures are now split by creature type, which means you can now show HP bars and nameplates for adventurers but not for monsters!

  • Hide Monster Names. As shown on the screenshot above, there's a new entry in the campaign settings, which, when unchecked, will allow you to hide monster names from players in the Combat Tracker!


  • Tooltips are now light in Light Mode!

  • Changed the Shape tool icon to be more consistent with the rest of the UI.

  • The Adventurers, Monsters, and Objects panels are now disabled for players if there's no token in those categories that they can control.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't post to Chat until a dice roll was triggered first.
  • Fixed a bug where the token toolbar would remain visible after deleting the selected token(s).
  • Fixed issues with emails ending up in spam.