Tarrasque.io v0.28.1

Today's update has a few changes to make your experience a little bit smoother and ease the learning curve for new users. Also, Terry merch! Enjoy!

What's New:

  • New helpdesk! All articles have been updated to take into consideration new features. I've also merged a bunch of articles to make it easier to navigate the helpdesk and added tips & tricks on how to use each feature.

  • New merch! You can now get Terry the Tarrasque shirts, mugs, and stickers!

  • New status page! This will let you know if something is going on that's affecting Tarrasque.io.

  • Live Help. Found a bug or had an idea in the middle of the session? Or just wondering how to do something? Don't put it off for later - let me know right away. I may even give DM advice if you'd like 😁


  • You can now change campaign settings from the battle map - no need to go back to the dashboard. This is more in-line with how Combat Settings used to work, but is global for all maps of a campaign.

  • The previous update made it so that players needed to wait their turn before being able to move their assigned tokens. As some of you prefer more flexibility, this has now been turned into a Campaign Settings option. Freedom of Movement is now turned on by default. If you'd like to restrict movement based on turn order, simply disable this in your Campaign Settings.