Tarrasque.io v0.26.0: New Colors, Terry, & QoL Improvements

Hi there! I'm about to start work on dice roll sharing, but before I do, here's a new quality-of-life update! Enjoy!

What's New:

  • New colour scheme and fonts. A whole new set of dark mode and light mode colours. The text should be more visible now in both modes, and there are a couple of new fonts to give the app a more distinct look! Also, dark mode is darker, and light mode doesn't burn your eyes out anymore.
  • Terry the Tarrasque is here! Finally have a logo that isn't just text! Terry was initially a command-line tool I wrote to help me do some admin tasks, so I'm glad he gets to be seen for his contributions! 😂


  • Made the colour picker faster, and updated its interface to be more minimalistic. Also, added some commonly-used colours at the bottom - you'll be able to customize these soon!

  • You can now switch between Draw tool brush and erase modes by tapping its hotkey (4), much like you can with the Shape tool.
  • Made the "Clear All" icon different from the "Delete" icon so that it's clearer that this action will delete all shapes/drawings.
  • When hovering over a Fog of War resize handle, your mouse cursor will now switch to the Resize cursor to indicate that you can drag the circle to resize. This should alleviate issues where you might accidentally move a FoW area.
  • Token markers can be hovered while using the Pan tool. Now you don't have to switch to the Select tool to hover (or attempt to memorize) every icon to know what it means!
  • Made the stat block opaque for consistency with the rest of the UI.
  • Removed the ability to change the background of a token that uses an image. It had no effect anyway! The feature still remains for tokens without an image.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where drawn shapes would start at the top left corner of the closest square. They should now start at the corner closest to your mouse cursor.
  • Fixed a bug where drawing a circle by dragging to the left didn't work as expected.