Tarrasque.io v0.25.0: Snap to Grid for Area of Effect

Snap to grid and resizing for shapes is finally here! I swear this feature took longer than multiplayer to implement 🤯️. I hate maths 😁️. Enjoy!

New features:

  • Snap to Grid for Area of Effect. New shapes will now automatically snap to the grid when drawn!

  • Resize Shapes. You can now finally resize circles and rectangles! Triangle resizing should be coming in the next update too :)
  • Mobile Web App. Tarrasque.io can now be installed on your phone or tablet! Open Tarrasque.io on your browser, click the browser menu icon, and click "Add to Home Screen". This will add a shortcut to your home screen that will launch Tarrasque.io as a standalone app!


  • Shapes can now be selected and moved using the Select tool as opposed to the Shape tool. The Shape tool is reserved for just drawing shapes.
  • You can now draw a shape inside another shape since the Shape tool doesn't select underlying shapes.
  • After drawing a shape, you'll automatically be switched to the Select tool so that you can continue with selecting it.
  • You can now draw Fog of War areas and Area of Effect shapes outside the map boundaries. This should help with hiding areas more easily and not needing to draw shapes elsewhere before moving them where you want.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with the request timing out when importing monsters and spells via JSON/XML.