Tarrasque.io v0.23.2

A few more bug-fixes in this update to make things work as smooth as butter again! Enjoy!


  • Selected tokens will now appear highlighted on the Combat Tracker. Previously, this was only for hovered tokens.
  • Position and zoom will now be reset when switching maps in order to keep the behaviour consistent with doing the same from the dashboard.
  • Selected tool will also be reset when switching maps as you'll most likely switch to the Pan tool anyway when doing so.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with the Delete/Backspace key on Firefox which would take you to the previous page when deleting a token.
  • Fixed a bug with players being able to see and edit the adventurers of other players.
  • Fixed a bug with the Share modal on the dashboard not saving changes properly.
  • Fixed an issue where newly-added tokens would appear in other maps after switching to them during the same session.
  • Fixed a bug with logged-in users being able to access maps of a campaign they're not part of without a password.
  • Fixed an issue on the dashboard where the map would flicker when toggling share access.