Tarrasque.io v0.22.0: Rotate Tokens

New year, new update! Today's release brings a lot of goodies like rotating tokens, a faster way to switch between the Pan and Select tools, and more! Happy new year and enjoy!

New features:

  • Rotate tokens. You can now rotate tokens on the map by 15-degree angle intervals. Oh, and so can your players!


  • Middle-click to move the map. You can now move the map by holding down middle-click to switch to the Pan tool temporarily. This currently only works when using the Select tool. I'm looking into ways to make this possible for the other tools, as well as a way to implement this on touch devices.
  • Upload progress. When uploading a new image, a progress bar will show at the top of the page indicating the upload progress.
  • Changed the label for the "Players" multi-select for Adventurers and Monsters to "Controlled By" to make it clearer as to what it does.
  • Updated Keyboard/Mouse Shortcuts and related tooltips.
  • Shortened time to first-load on the dashboard and added data loading indicators.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with transparent battle map images showing the app background behind them. This will now show the theme background instead.
  • Fixed an issue where gargantuan images would fail to upload.
  • Fixed a bug where right-clicking a token while another token's actions menu was open would move the first token's menu to the new cursor location.