We’ve updated our international shipping flow

Great news! We’ve added more options for international shipments. You will now be able to declare items as ‘returned goods’ when selecting the content type on international shipments. This new label will avoid excessive duty charges that would be charged if shipment contents were labeled as ‘merchandise’ or ‘documents.’


  1. Login to your account (hyperlink). 
  2. Choose “Ship” at the top of your menu, or select from the drop down on your mobile app. 
  3. Under “Shipping Preferences,” choose “International.”
  4. Select the drop down menu “Content Type” and you will see the options for ‘Documents,’ ‘Merchandise,’ and ‘Returned goods.’

We’ve improved both our Shipment Request Calendar and ‘Move To’ function to streamline your workflow.

 Our new shipment calendar pre-selects the next available date so you know your fastest option immediately. We’ve also improved our ‘Move To’ function to no longer include the current folder that your item(s) is in to avoid moving items back to their original location.  

Some more great improvements and updates:

  • Improved shred, deposit, scan, and ship auto-rules making sure those rules will stay in place and won’t be cancelled with the removal of a recipient.
  • Updated “Add Recipient” error message to clearly state why you cannot add certain recipients to your account.  
  • Improved list view design and tag drop menu on mobile web so you can see more items than ever before on your mobile web browser
  • Improved  zoom in and out function to stop documents from zooming out a little too much!
  • Added a value limit on your international shipment value declarations to avoid errors
  • Improved  “Send to Cloud” auto-rule to prevent you from unknowingly creating auto-rules that will not work. 
  • Updated “Order Complete” and “You’re All Set”  page designs
  • Improved loading items list experience on iOS App
  • Fixed bug with shipping cart functionality to remove items marked as “not my mail” on iOS App
  • Fixed Checkstream integration so it doesn’t block the Client Application in case of service downtime.

Speed Up Your Workflow With Our New ‘Sender’ Mail Filter

You can now spend less time digging through your account inbox with our latest addition of ‘Sender’ to the filter options. This new feature will allow you to easily sort through your account, including or excluding items from particular senders.


  1. Login to your account
  2. In Account Settings, go to “Automation Rule”
  3. Under Set Includes/Exclusions, add the sender name(s) under “Match the following sender names.” (Note: you do not need to provide the Sender’s full name)
  4. Once the rule is added, you will now be able to include or exclude mail from listed senders

Our iOS App Now Supports Dark Mode and Universal Links

Great news! Our iOS App now supports dark mode as its background. Dark mode reduces battery usage and improves visibility for users who are sensitive to bright light or have low vision. 

Added bonus! Universal links are Apple’s way to link to content in your iOS app, making sure you get to the right place on our app. Our mail notification email action buttons will now support Universal Links, taking you to exactly where you want and need to be on Earth Class Mail iOS app.

Download our iOS app today

Moving Items Between Folders Is Now Easier

Move items faster than ever before with our new and improved features!  Our improved “Move To Inbox” and “Move To Archive” options will allow you to move multiple mail items quickly and easily. Additionally, you can now move items on your account, regardless of the recipient the folder is assigned to. 

Upgraded Mail Sharing Feature

The mail sharing feature has been upgraded with added security, tracking, and flexibility. You now have the ability to customize the name of the postal mail PDFs you share. Additionally, you have the option to share a new secure direct link to the PDFs. With the link, you can track how many times it has been viewed, and you can confirm that the intended recipients have received the link. The recipients can access the PDFs without an Earth Class Mail account, allowing for a more frictionless sharing experience.

See sample screenshots of the upgraded mail sharing feature below:

August 11th, 2020

Customers can now upgrade or downgrade their subscription plan within the Earth Class Mail web application. This gives our customers more flexibility and control over their subscription plan with the ability to change their subscription plan depending on their needs. This feature can be accessed by navigating to Account Settings -> Account Management -> Change Plan.

June 30th, 2020

  • We consolidated the billing setting and account management settings into a single multi-tabbed view.
  • We added the ability to toggle between FileRoom and the reserved storage add-ons directly in the Earth Class Mail UI.
  • We have enabled recipient specific private mailboxes for eligible accounts.
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