Get Your Virtual Mailbox up and Running Simpler Than Ever

A new, streamlined onboarding experience and recipient management enhancements have been released on the Earth Class Mail, a LegalZoom company web application. We have simplified the onboarding process and eliminated friction for new customers by embedding the Form 1583 authorization and notarization process directly in the web application. 

The new “Recipients” management section under “Settings” enables customers to add, remove, and manage existing recipients on the account—including new compliance features, allowing customers to easily update and create new Form 1583 authorizations seamlessly in the process.

In addition, more robust and simplified 'Account Automation' features are now available!

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Add recipient(s) and authorize us to manage their mail—all in one place.
New customers can now seamlessly get their virtual mail account up and running directly within the web application. Once a customer has their virtual mailbox and address, it’s time to make things official and let us know who will be using our service by completing and notarizing a U.S. Postal Form 1583.

Once logged in to their Earth Class Mail account, new customers will be greeted by the all-new, step-by-step ‘Get Started’ process.

Adding a recipient(s)
First, select if they are a business or personal recipient.

Then, complete the details in the form (need to have two forms of ID ready).

🙌 Note: The response to the Social Security Number question will determine the types of identification that can be presented during the notary session.

Next, customers will need to notarize the completed form.

How do the new 'Account Automation' features work?
Account automations created by customers will now apply to all recipients on the account by default, but will still allow users to define individual recipient settings. Once new customers complete the first step of the new 'Get Started' process, they will be taken to setup 'Account Automation' where they can learn more about this feature and accept the default settings or customize their preferences.

Setting up account automations
Go to the 'Settings' tab (gear icon) > Account Automation

From here, customers can edit the settings on the three (3) default automations that are setup and/or manage individual recipient automation settings.

Individual account automation: recipient settings view

🙌 Note: Customers can also automate the handling of mail delivered to unassigned recipients on the account.

Automatically scan delivered mail: new view

That’s a Wrap!

At Earth Class Mail, a LegalZoom company, we take your customer satisfaction seriously. We regularly analyze customer feedback and work towards creating the best possible experience for you.

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