New and Improved Navigation Available on Earth Class Mail Mobile Apps

A navigation redesign has been released for Android and iOS devices on Google Play and the Apple Store. The primary sidebar navigation function has been updated to bottom bar navigation. This update simplifies how customers navigate in our mobile apps and requires only one tap to change between the main app functions, resulting in 2x fewer clicks and a more user-friendly experience.

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New Bottom Bar Navigation: Apple iOS

🙌 Note: With the growing number of large-screen mobile devices, the bottom bar enables customers to navigate through the app with one finger. In addition, the bottom bar is visible at all times, providing more insight into other features available in the mobile app.

New Bottom Bar Navigation: Android

🙌 Note: In addition to removing the sidebar navigation, we have reorganized other available options. Account-related information and links are now under Settings at the top. Feedback, support, and logout links are at the bottom of the Settings page.

Old Side Bar Navigation Example:

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🙌 Note: The redesigned navigation features work on any mobile device—be sure to update your app to the newest version in the Apple Store or on Google Play.

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