Earth Class Mail Launches Improvements on the Web App

An updated design and improved user interface for managing shipping addresses in Settings have been released on the Earth Class Mail web application. Customers can now effectively manage all of their shipping addresses and easily search for their preferred option. The design updates provide customers with a highly responsive and modern user interface for a more consistent user experience across the platform. 

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What has changed?
We are providing our customers with a more responsive and modern user interface to improve the consistency of their experience throughout the web application. The functionality has not changed for adding and removing shipping addresses. 

Shipping Addresses in Settings: Old User Interface

Shipping Addresses in Settings: New User Interface

🙌 Note: Previously, customers could only search their first 250 shipping addresses, making it more time-consuming and tedious if they had more than that. Now, you can search for an unlimited amount quickly and efficiently!

New experience extended with skeleton loading view:

How to Manage Shipping Addresses
The updated user interface continues to support the same functionality for adding and deleting shipping addresses.

From any screen, navigate to:
Settings button > Shipping Addresses option in left column > Add a new address, or delete

Add a new shipping address:

Delete an existing shipping address:

That’s a Wrap!

At Earth Class Mail, we take your customer satisfaction seriously. Each week we analyze customer feedback and work towards creating the best possible experience for you.

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