Use segments to target website signups only

Now, with the segments feature, you can start an affiliate program easily! This allows you to create a campaign that only enrolls people who signup via your site widgets or signup forms. Affiliates help you to reach new audiences in your industry, and not just your existing customers who’ve purchased your product 🤘🏼

(If you have previously used our email settings to support this capability, please follow the steps below).

Get Started

  • Go to Target Audience > Select 'Widget Signups' as your target segment in the dropdown
  • Go to Widgets to paste the relevant code snippet to your website. (Alternatively, add your Join Page link on your affiliate program page).

Note: This feature is available to new merchants only - and will be gradually released to all merchants by next week!

Learn more about how affiliate programs work ➝

Create multiple draft campaigns!

Create new campaigns as drafts
Campaigns can now be saved as drafts - get ahead by prepping multiple drafts. We'll let you know when you can activate them. Tip: use segments to create unique, targeted campaigns.

Check it out
Head over to All Campaigns to try it out! This will be available for anyone with an active account and integrated store. If your account is suspended, please contact our customer success team here.

Sleek new designs for Emails & Pages 💅

If you haven't noticed, we've refreshed email, pages and widget designs from 6 December 2022!  🎉 

Here's what you need to know:

  • Sleek design with individual corner radius (CTA) and colorful social media icons
  • Saved changes such as your uploaded assets and text remain unchanged
  • Better mobile experience

Themes on autopilot or developer mode will not be affected.

Check it out
Head over to Email & pages to try it out! If you missed it, we now also support 95 Google fonts to better customize your branding. 

💎 Segments feature in beta

You can now limit your referral program to a segment of customers based on spend - such as allowing only your most loyal users to participate. Once new customers meet your segment rule (ex. lifetime spend > $50), they get automatically enrolled into your program. 

You can use this to:

  • Target loyal users only and send bigger rewards
  • Target smaller users and avoid promoting to pros and resellers 
  • (Coming soon): Run a segmented campaign alongside your existing referral program

🎵 Currently available to customers who haven’t activated their referral campaign, but we'll roll out to all users in the coming weeks. If you don't see it on your dashboard, you will soon!

Explore this on your dashboard ➝
Learn more about how segments work ➝

95 new fonts for emails and pages 🧙🏻

We're more than excited to announce new 95 Google fonts to customize your branding! These include Google fonts that are within the Shopify’s font library. 

If you're interested, try it out yourself in Emails and Pages!


  • Merchants who were on developer mode before the feature was rolled out
  • Merchants who are on developer mode and are applying their own set of custom fonts

These merchants will not be able to use the new set of 95 fonts.

10 years of referral marketing insights in ultimate playbook

Not sure how to optimize and scale your referral program? We've got you covered: 

10 years of insights from helping merchants like you launch and scale referral programs—all covered in The Ultimate Referral Marketing Playbook. 

Every chapter covers each crucial aspect of a program, and the tips and tricks you can use for them. From how to choose referral incentives, to learning how to promote your program to your customers—it's a long one but trust us, it's going to be worth your time.

You can download the playbook here now. Enjoy!

Send invite emails to past customers with Klaviyo

Using Klaviyo as your email sender? You can now send an invite to past customers to join your referral program with Klaviyo! Use the trigger Enrolled via Invitation in Klaviyo to send an invite email upon inviting a new referrer or advocate into your referral program 📮

Get started with 4 easy steps below: 

  1. Set email flows and templates in Klaviyo
  2. Upload your list of Klaviyo subscribers (csv) to ReferralCandy
  3. ReferralCandy generates referral links for you
  4. Emails are then sent from Klaviyo

Wanna try? Go to Invite Customers and start inviting past customers (tip: your Klaviyo account should already be integrated with ReferralCandy). If you're stuck, follow this help article or reach out to our friendly CS down below 🏃

ReferralCandy Live: Q&A

In this fireside chat, we're hosting our CS experts to share their best practices for running a successful referral program Don't miss out on this live 45 min Q&A session - available for the next 3 weeks:

  • Get an overview of ReferralCandy: Learn how it can scale your business
  • Learn best practices: Our CS experts of 5 years, Adam and Caye, will share tips from their experience informing over 30,000 brands
  • Get your questions answered: Anything about 3rd party integrations, landing page or email designs

🎧 Join us here by selecting your preferred time here. See you soon!

Pro tips to optimize your referral program

Hey ReferralCandy community!

This is just a quick reminder that our CS team is always a click away to help optimise your referral program 🤘 Simply click the Intercom widget on the bottom right of your screen to start a chat.

For example, here are some of their tips:

  • Promoting your referral program (from Katherine Maneul): Add your referral program's Join page url as a tab or menu item on your website to promote the campaign or encourage customers to sign up as an advocate proactively
  • Setting up rewards (from Cris Lopez): Consider giving cash rewards to advocates, particularly when your product is expensive or bought intermittently (e.g. furniture, gym equipment, electronics etc.)

If you have questions or need guidance, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Create targeted email flows from Klaviyo

Hey everyone! We're excited to announce some cool updates for Klaviyo:

  • Personalized referral emails with Klaviyo segmentation - Send self-signup, invitation, reminder and reward emails from Klaviyo instead of ReferralCandy! Use our specific custom properties in Klaviyo to create segments, customize flows and targeted email campaigns. For example, send different emails to drive first or subsequent referrals. 
  • Embed reward coupon code, expiry date & more - We now pass more referral specific information for you to customize. For example, when your advocate earns a reward, you can embed their discount coupon code in Klaviyo emails
  • Greater flexibility & control - Want to send all referral emails from Klaviyo? Once you’ve set it up in Klaviyo, you can now turn off reminder & post-signup emails in our email settings. (Soon, you'll also be able to send the manual invite to past customers from Klaviyo).

🚀 Here's a full list of help articles to try out the newly upgraded Klaviyo. 

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