Let's boost your email deliverability 🚀

We just released a powerful feature called custom email domains! Now, your outgoing emails can be changed from ReferralCandy's default postman@candymail.com to your dedicated domain like referrals@yourstorename.com.

It consists of 2 quick steps: 1) verify sender email and 2) domain authentication.

What's in it for me?

  • Better email deliverability: domain authentication shows email providers like Gmail that the email sender is the owner of the domain. This makes it more likely that emails get to your recipient's inbox! 
  • More control over branding: the "via candymail.com" will no longer appear after you complete the 2nd step.

If you're a..

  • New merchant: we recommend setting this up before you launch your campaign.
  • Existing merchant: if you've already launched your campaign without custom email domains, you can always change the settings.
  • Merchant using Klaviyo or MailChimp: this won't affect you as you are not using ReferralCandy's default email provider.

Check out our help article for a step-by-step approach 🔗
(This feature is available only on our new dashboard. You can make the switch to the new dashboard here). 

New dashboard testing, custom domain, and more

Hello there!

Here are some quick updates on the exciting projects we have been working on:

1. New dashboard rollout

We are testing the new dashboard with 100 merchants to make sure it is working great. Keep an eye out for an invite from us to try the new dashboard!

2. Custom email domain

You will soon be able to send your referral emails via your brand's domain (with the new dashboard). This will give you more control over the branding and deliverability of your emails. We are QA-ing this feature at the moment.

3. Klaviyo improvements

Many ecommerce merchants use Klaviyo for their email marketing. To allow you to manage and automate your referral emails in Klaviyo, we are improving our Klaviyo integration. Let us know below if you have any specific feedback on our Klaviyo integration.

If you are not using Klaviyo with ReferralCandy yet, here's how you can set it up.

4. Multi-language text fix

Previously, merchants who enabled multiple languages for their referral program had issues saving edits to their text. This has been fixed. 

A fresh look for the dashboard 🔮

Teaser alert! In a few weeks, you'll get a clean, modern look to the dashboard design. Along with the fresh look, this is essentially a change from the inside out where we set the stage to streamline our internal process to push features faster ⚡ 

Think new reward types, better integrations with email tools (ex. Klaviyo, MailChimp), and targeted customer emails to maximize first and repeated referrals.

How does this work? We have moved to a leaner tech stack and significantly reduced technical debt by introducing a new design system. Basically, our engineers and designers can save tons of time with this change.

📍 We plan to eventually transition all users to this dashboard in the coming weeks. Don't worry, all the features you love and use will still exist 🥳

Upgraded referral detection

We're excited to announce an upgrade to referral detections! Now, we offer a more accurate referral detection as a result of better use of data we can pull out 📈

All existing and new merchants have been migrated to the upgraded version since Dec-Jan.

ps. For your information, ReferralCandy has always performed a series of validation checks to ensure your referrals are legitimate. These include:

  1. Making sure the advocate is not blocked/banned.
  2. Making sure the purchaser is a new customer
  3. Making sure it is not a blatant self-referral (exact email address, first name, last name used)

Coupon codes for subscription products

Do you use Recharge to apply coupon codes for your subscription product? We've partnered up with Recharge to also support merchants who've upgraded to Recharge's Shopify Checkout Integration 🧙🏼

With this feature, your customers and advocates can now use the coupon code generated on Recharge or Shopify checkout for their subscriptions purchase. No more glitches upon migration!

See more about the Recharge integration in our help article 🔗

🚨 Prevent referral fraud with Fraud Center v1.0!

With Fraud Center v1.0, you now have a central dashboard to identify, review and take action against referral fraud and suspicious customers.

Fraud Center empowers you to fight referral fraud with four easy steps:

  1. Alert: Identify customers with suspicious referral
  2. Review: Examine details for evidence of fraud
  3. Action: Disqualify referrals or ban customers from the program
  4. Support: Track past history to answer support queries

You can access Fraud Center from your ReferralCandy dashboard, or read the full product announcement to see all the features.

Read the Fraud Center product launch announcement.

P.S. If you'd like a demo or have more questions, please reach out to our customer success team.

A/B test your post-purchase emails 💌

Your post-purchase email is one of the key opportunities to get your customers to refer their friends to your store. Your customers are more likely to refer others after they have bought your products or even tried them. And the right post-purchase email can nudge them to take action.

You can now optimize your post-purchase email by A/B testing the email. You can experiment with different subject lines, email content, and button texts to see which gets more clicks, thereby improving the performance of your referral program.

Learn how to optimize your emails ↗︎

P.S. You will soon also be able to experiment with different post-purchase popups, landing pages, and more.

Handle suspicious advocates with less hassle 🔍

You no longer need to manually disqualify fraudulent referrals by banned advocates within the review period.

When you ban suspicious advocates from your referral program, ReferralCandy will now automatically disqualify referrals within the review period. This means ReferralCandy will not send advocates any rewards for those or future referrals. And you will not need to pay commissions for those or subsequent referred purchases.

You will also see the relevant changes on the banned advocates’ profile in ReferralCandy so that you can answer if the banned advocate asks about the ban and rewards.

These will help you save time and money from dealing with fraudulent referrals.

Learn more ↗︎

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