Refreshed contact page

We've updated the contact details page to house separate sections for aggregate and campaign-level data. You will soon see richer, more comprehensive information when you start running multiple campaigns. Go to Contacts -> Manage to check out any of your customers' pages.

🛍️ Post-purchase popup improvements: signup form layout

With this new feature, you can now choose 2 different layouts for your post-purchase popup:

Existing Referral link

  • Show referral link immediately upon purchase
  • Recommended for normal referral programs

NEW Signup form

  • Show signup form first 
  • Recommended if you use segments: Customers can't join/automatically enroll into your referral program if they don't meet your segment criteria (ex. spend > $100), but you can use the popup to inform them about your program
  • Contact enrolled already?Signup form on?Behaviour of popup

    Show referral link immediately

    Show referral link immediately

    Show signup form

    Show nothing

Explore this on your dashboard ➝

Sidenote: Available for all new merchants and existing merchants (signed up to ReferralCandy from mid-December 2022)

Use segments to target website signups only

Now, with the segments feature, you can start an affiliate program easily! This allows you to create a campaign that only enrolls people who signup via your site widgets or signup forms. Affiliates help you to reach new audiences in your industry, and not just your existing customers who’ve purchased your product 🤘🏼

(If you have previously used our email settings to support this capability, please follow the steps below).

Get Started

  • Go to Target Audience > Select 'Widget Signups' as your target segment in the dropdown
  • Go to Widgets to paste the relevant code snippet to your website. (Alternatively, add your Join Page link on your affiliate program page).

Note: This feature is available to new merchants only - and will be gradually released to all merchants by next week!

Learn more about how affiliate programs work ➝

Sleek new designs for Emails & Pages 💅

If you haven't noticed, we've refreshed email, pages and widget designs from 6 December 2022!  🎉 

Here's what you need to know:

  • Sleek design with individual corner radius (CTA) and colorful social media icons
  • Saved changes such as your uploaded assets and text remain unchanged
  • Better mobile experience

Themes on autopilot or developer mode will not be affected.

Check it out
Head over to Email & pages to try it out! If you missed it, we now also support 95 Google fonts to better customize your branding. 

Upgraded referral detection

We're excited to announce an upgrade to referral detections! Now, we offer a more accurate referral detection as a result of better use of data we can pull out 📈

All existing and new merchants have been migrated to the upgraded version since Dec-Jan.

ps. For your information, ReferralCandy has always performed a series of validation checks to ensure your referrals are legitimate. These include:

  1. Making sure the advocate is not blocked/banned.
  2. Making sure the purchaser is a new customer
  3. Making sure it is not a blatant self-referral (exact email address, first name, last name used)

Coupon codes for subscription products

Do you use Recharge to apply coupon codes for your subscription product? We've partnered up with Recharge to also support merchants who've upgraded to Recharge's Shopify Checkout Integration 🧙🏼

With this feature, your customers and advocates can now use the coupon code generated on Recharge or Shopify checkout for their subscriptions purchase. No more glitches upon migration!

See more about the Recharge integration in our help article 🔗

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