Upgraded referral detection

We're excited to announce an upgrade to referral detections! Now, we offer a more accurate referral detection as a result of better use of data we can pull out 📈

All existing and new merchants have been migrated to the upgraded version since Dec-Jan.

ps. For your information, ReferralCandy has always performed a series of validation checks to ensure your referrals are legitimate. These include:

  1. Making sure the advocate is not blocked/banned.
  2. Making sure the purchaser is a new customer
  3. Making sure it is not a blatant self-referral (exact email address, first name, last name used)

Coupon codes for subscription products

Do you use Recharge to apply coupon codes for your subscription product? We've partnered up with Recharge to also support merchants who've upgraded to Recharge's Shopify Checkout Integration 🧙🏼

With this feature, your customers and advocates can now use the coupon code generated on Recharge or Shopify checkout for their subscriptions purchase. No more glitches upon migration!

See more about the Recharge integration in our help article 🔗

Handle suspicious advocates with less hassle 🔍

You no longer need to manually disqualify fraudulent referrals by banned advocates within the review period.

When you ban suspicious advocates from your referral program, ReferralCandy will now automatically disqualify referrals within the review period. This means ReferralCandy will not send advocates any rewards for those or future referrals. And you will not need to pay commissions for those or subsequent referred purchases.

You will also see the relevant changes on the banned advocates’ profile in ReferralCandy so that you can answer if the banned advocate asks about the ban and rewards.

These will help you save time and money from dealing with fraudulent referrals.

Learn more ↗︎

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