Refreshed contact page

We've updated the contact details page to house separate sections for aggregate and campaign-level data. You will soon see richer, more comprehensive information when you start running multiple campaigns. Go to Contacts -> Manage to check out any of your customers' pages.

📣 Seamlessly embed a referral CTA in your "Thank You" page

With our new Referral Extension, promoting your referral program to happy customers is easier than ever!

  • Simply add the Referral Extension as an app block in your Shopify Theme Editor. Learn More
  • Choose between showing the referral link immediately or after signup - customise this on the Widgets page.

This feature is currently only available to Shopify Plus merchants with Checkout Extensibility enabled.

🌍 Edit and translate your advocate account emails

You may now edit and update translations for the following advocate account emails in the editor.

1. Cash Payout Email

2. Verification Email

3. Reverification Email

4. Reset Password Email

5. Messaging Preferences Email

To view and make changes, head to the ReferralCandy dashboard, select Email & Pages and Edit the theme you desire. If you have multi-language feature enabled, you may also update translations under the Edit All Text editor. 

📋 Introducing static segments

The new Static Segments feature allows you to create and manage custom segments based on a list of contacts that you can manually add and remove from. This will allow you to run a referral program for an exclusive audience such as affiliates.

📝 See who are in your segments

Using segments in your referral campaign? You can now see a list of contacts who are part of the segment you created. To view this, simply go to the Segments page and click on the name of your segment. This list will update whenever you make a change in segmentation criteria

🖼️ Upload your favicon

Upload an image that appears on the tab of pages to help your customers easily identify your brand. The favicon uploaded will be used on customer-facing pages such as the Join Page and the Friend Landing Page. 

All you have to do is go to Emails & Pages, select Edit on your selected theme and upload your brand's favicon under the Branding panel.

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