🛍️ Post-purchase popup improvements: signup form layout

With this new feature, you can now choose 2 different layouts for your post-purchase popup:

Existing Referral link

  • Show referral link immediately upon purchase
  • Recommended for normal referral programs

NEW Signup form

  • Show signup form first 
  • Recommended if you use segments: Customers can't join/automatically enroll into your referral program if they don't meet your segment criteria (ex. spend > $100), but you can use the popup to inform them about your program
  • Contact enrolled already?Signup form on?Behaviour of popup

    Show referral link immediately

    Show referral link immediately

    Show signup form

    Show nothing

Explore this on your dashboard ➝

Sidenote: Available for all new merchants and existing merchants (signed up to ReferralCandy from mid-December 2022)