Create targeted email flows from Klaviyo

Hey everyone! We're excited to announce some cool updates for Klaviyo:

  • Personalized referral emails with Klaviyo segmentation - Send self-signup, invitation, reminder and reward emails from Klaviyo instead of ReferralCandy! Use our specific custom properties in Klaviyo to create segments, customize flows and targeted email campaigns. For example, send different emails to drive first or subsequent referrals. 
  • Embed reward coupon code, expiry date & more - We now pass more referral specific information for you to customize. For example, when your advocate earns a reward, you can embed their discount coupon code in Klaviyo emails
  • Greater flexibility & control - Want to send all referral emails from Klaviyo? Once you’ve set it up in Klaviyo, you can now turn off reminder & post-signup emails in our email settings. (Soon, you'll also be able to send the manual invite to past customers from Klaviyo).

🚀 Here's a full list of help articles to try out the newly upgraded Klaviyo.