New Devices, OwnerRez Integration, and MORE

New Device Support

We now support 2 new smart home devices:

Multi-Purpose Sensor: Used to know when your doors or windows are left open.

Water Leak Sensor: Used to know when there is a water leak in a rental.

Let our team know if you would like to add either of these devices to your listings in Rabbu!

OwnerRez Integration

We are now officially integrated with OwnerRez! Any property manager using OwnerRez can connect their account to sync their listings and reservations to Rabbu.

Profile Picture

Don't be shy. You can now add your picture to Rabbu from the Edit Profile page.

Cancel Licenses

Need to pause automations for the off-season? You can now cancel licenses for individual listings when you don't need them. Keep in mind that cancelling a license will delete your devices and historical activity.