Device Names & Battery Level

We are now pulling device names directly from SmartThings, so make sure to label your locks and thermostats with a name that makes sense when you set them up.

You can always go back and edit these names in the SmartThings mobile app if you want to change them.

You can also now see the battery level next to any battery-powered device!

New Devices, OwnerRez Integration, and MORE

New Device Support

We now support 2 new smart home devices:

Multi-Purpose Sensor: Used to know when your doors or windows are left open.

Water Leak Sensor: Used to know when there is a water leak in a rental.

Let our team know if you would like to add either of these devices to your listings in Rabbu!

OwnerRez Integration

We are now officially integrated with OwnerRez! Any property manager using OwnerRez can connect their account to sync their listings and reservations to Rabbu.

Profile Picture

Don't be shy. You can now add your picture to Rabbu from the Edit Profile page.

Cancel Licenses

Need to pause automations for the off-season? You can now cancel licenses for individual listings when you don't need them. Keep in mind that cancelling a license will delete your devices and historical activity.

Various Bug Fixes & Guest Lock Code Message

We just released various bug fixes to improve app usability.

In addition we have updated our lock code message to mention the possibility that the code will change in the case that the lock is offline at check-in. Read more about backup codes here.

The new message reads:

Hi Denise,

Your access code is 3813, followed by the check mark on the keypad.

Please note that this code is not active until your scheduled check-in time.

If you are unable to access the unit with this code please check your messages for a new code. It is possible your code has changed.

Safe Travels!

New Activities, Range Extenders & New Look

We had a massive release this morning that includes several updated features:

New Activities

We are now displaying an activity anytime a device goes online or offline so that you can track when exactly you lost connection with devices. In addition we now show you when someone attempts to unlock a lock with the wrong code too many times.

Range Extenders

Rabbu now supports Range Extenders as devices. Range extenders are used in larger homes to relay Z-wave and Zigbee networks to far away devices. You can now see whether these devices are online or offline. Status changes will also appear as Activity.

New Look

Finally you will notice that several pages in the app (sign in page, create workspace page, etc.) look a little bit nicer :)

Codes for Future Guests, Online Indicator & Workspace Switcher

Today we released several very useful features:

View Codes for Future Guests

You can now view the lock code for future guests from the Guests tab of the listing sidebar in the code field.

Listing Online/Offline Status Indicator

Quickly see whether a listing has any issues with the status indicator on the Listings page. If the dot is red, one or more of the listing's devices are offline. If the dot is green, everything is good!

Workspace Switcher

If you're a part of multiple workspaces, you can now switch between them by clicking the down carat next to your workspace name in the top left.

Dashboard & Thermostat Activities

We just released the workspace dashboard where you can see stats such as the number of check-ins and check-outs for the day. More importantly you can see how many guests have actually arrived at the property ("checked-in").

In addition, we are now logging manual thermostat adjustments and we released an updated, simpler unit onboarding workflow.

Filter Activities by Date, Listing, and Device

Want to see lock activities at a single unit from the last 7 days? Or the thermostat activities for all listings today?

You can now filter activities on the activities tab by date, listing, and device.

Rotate Permanent Lock Codes & Billing Updated

You are now able to rotate permanent lock codes to a new code. This will allow you to remove a permanent code that has been compromised (e.g. you changed cleaning companies, someone has the code who shouldn't).

To do this, just click the three dots next to a permanent code then click rotate code.

Additionally we have updated the billing page to show the number of licenses active, the amount you will be charged, and when you will be charged next.

Global Activity Feed and Notifications Released

We just released the Activity Feed where you can view activities for all of your listings in one place. Just click the Activity tab in the left nav menu to view it.

In addition, you now will get Notifications of recent activity in the notifications dropdown.

Additional Updates:

  • Times in the listing details sidebar are now shown in the listing’s local time.
  • An activity is logged when you remotely lock or unlock a unit.
  • If a unit is unoccupied AND has been left unlocked for more than 2 hours, it will automatically be locked.

Internet is Down Notification

We now send out a notification email if the internet goes down at one of your listings! When the internet comes back online, you receive a second notification email.

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