Various Bug Fixes & Guest Lock Code Message

We just released various bug fixes to improve app usability.

In addition we have updated our lock code message to mention the possibility that the code will change in the case that the lock is offline at check-in. Read more about backup codes here.

The new message reads:

Hi Denise,

Your access code is 3813, followed by the check mark on the keypad.

Please note that this code is not active until your scheduled check-in time.

If you are unable to access the unit with this code please check your messages for a new code. It is possible your code has changed.

Safe Travels!

Lock Code Not Set (Fixed)

We were informed this morning around 9am that a lock code was not set. We quickly investigated and found the issue was caused by a duplicate reservation.

The issue only affected this single reservation and has been fixed.

App Performance Back to Normal

The app is now back up to its regular speedy state. Pages are loading normal and not timing out.

Notification Email Issue Resolved

Notification emails now only send out when the internet is offline rather than any individual device going offline.

Now if a device (such as a thermostat) goes offline temporarily for maintenance, a notification email will not be sent out.

Note: There is still one other issue causing the “back online” notification email sending too often. We plan to address this issue soon.