✏️ Delete & move multiple links

Manage links easier by bulk deleting or moving links between boards!

🆕 Move Links Between Boards

When you edit a link, you can now change the board it appears on.

Import bookmarks & Duplicate boards bug

Very recently these two features were not working. We identified the bug this morning and have fixed this now!

Sincerest apologies for any inconvenience!

Open all links for each column

You can now open all links for each column within your columns boards:
(Note: you may have to allow popups from app.tryzulu.com)

Duplicate boards 💕

As we currently have no permissions or restrictions when you add collaborators to boards, we've created a "Duplicate board" feature to allow you to create a copy:

Open all board links

For those of you who...
- Like to start their browsing sessions with a regular set of links
- Save multiple links to a board to open at a later date
...we give you "Open all links"  💫

You can now open all links within a board:

Import bookmarks!

After many requests we've implemented a first version of import bookmarks, which you can find within the pull up menu.

Whether you're trying Zulu out for the first time, or grabbing some links from a previous bookmark tool / browser, you can upload an HTML file, and if you have multiple folders you'll be able to choose which ones you'd like to import!

Dark mode 🌙

With dark mode trending and us working late nights on Zulu, we thought it would be cool to reduce the strain on all our eyes 👀

Easily change board type!

We've introduced a small but hopefully handy feature. Previously once you had chosen the type of board you couldn't change your mind after.

However now, you are able to easily switch between the different board types. So whether it's because the number of links saved has increased, or the type of links you're saving has changed, you can adapt to the change by viewing you want to view them.

New and improved sharing!

We’ve improved private sharing and introduced ‘public’ boards!

🌍 Public boards - we’ve introduced public boards so that you can allow anyone with or without a Zulu account to have read-only access to a chosen board. This can be useful if you’re creating a directory of links for new joiners, a team, newsletter, or even company-wide 👓

Have a look -> https://app.tryzulu.com?b=-LhosynId9YejncJkLg7

🔐 Private sharing - previously it wasn’t possible to invite someone to collaborate on a board unless they already had a Zulu account. We’ve changed that so now you can invite whoever you want to join a board with you. If they don’t have a Zulu account, they will receive an email and as soon as they've signed up, will have access to the board you’ve shared with them 💥

Of course, if you have any feedback, please let us know 🙏🏾😊

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