‼️ 🐜 Bug preventing links access

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately there is a bug that needs to be fixed in one of our older APIs. It's taking a while to fix and we may need some outside help. Therefore it may take up to another week for this to be fixed, at which point you will regain access to your links again.

Very sorry for the inconvenience and we will try to get it working as soon as possible.

🚀 Launching Zulu Pro


This is DJ and Oana, the founders of Zulu 👋🏻 

A couple of years ago, we started Zulu because we wanted to move away from browser bookmarks and save content in a visual, collaborative way. At the time, we couldn’t have imagined anyone else would find Zulu all that useful, other than perhaps a few of our close friends. But here we are today, with a community in the thousands! We can hardly believe it; we are deeply thankful to each and every one of you for using Zulu and for giving us your feedback and ideas on how to make it better. 

The slight downside of all this is that what used to be just a side project has become increasingly demanding for us to support, maintain, and update. And though we’ve tried for as long as possible to keep Zulu completely free, our running costs have made that infeasible. In order for Zulu to continue adding that bit of joy to your browsing experience, we’ve made the decision to introduce:

Zulu Pro - a paid plan, that allows you instant access to all the latest features, unlimited boards, quick support and much more! Zulu Pro will exist alongside a free plan, allowing up to 10 boards, as we wanted to make sure that part of Zulu continues to be accessible to everyone. See details of the two plans here.

And don’t worry - no changes will be immediate. All our existing users (signed up before 24th November 2020) will continue to have access to all Zulu features until December 31st. And if you’re keen and do upgrade before then, you’ll be suitably rewarded - as our first 50 subscribers get a 20% discount for life! 

Thank you for being part of the Zulu community! As always, we’d love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

DJ & Oana 🙂

Open all board links

For those of you who...
- Like to start their browsing sessions with a regular set of links
- Save multiple links to a board to open at a later date
...we give you "Open all links"  💫

You can now open all links within a board:

Import bookmarks!

After many requests we've implemented a first version of import bookmarks, which you can find within the pull up menu.

Whether you're trying Zulu out for the first time, or grabbing some links from a previous bookmark tool / browser, you can upload an HTML file, and if you have multiple folders you'll be able to choose which ones you'd like to import!

A board to enhance your workflow! 🏄

We've launched another board for you all, this time focusing more on workflow and process.

Now you can add your links to different columns and move them between. Some scenarios where this could be useful are:
- Tracking docs or activity-related links in Kanban columns (to do, in progress, done)
- Separating links by the phase of a project e.g research, design, prototype, testing etc.

If you have any other useful ideas for this, let us know! :)

Our very first board type 🚀

Hey hey!

In the quest to reimagine bookmarks, we've launched our first board type: Pills.

It's meant to be very simple - compact size, small but visible logo, and a short title / description.

A fun, more visual version of browser bookmark bars, it's great for saving quick links to things like Google Drive docs, slides and spreadsheets, etc.

Have a read of some of the example links below: