Request Video Reviews

You can now request video reviews from customer who have recently reviewed your company or products.

Simply click on the review and hit the request video product button.

Take Your Reviews To Instagram With The Customers Voice App’s new Customers Voice app enables you to stand out on Instagram by turning your best customer reviews into truly compelling content.

You can download the Customers Voice App HERE .

The Customers Voice App

The Customers Voice drag and drop app makes curating influencing Instagram content easy. Just log in using your usual credentials and you’ll have access to a list of all of your collected reviews from your mobile phone.

Your reviews are just the starting point. With the power to use both text and photo testimonials, you can create something that really brings your brand t… Launches Customer Voice Awards is committed to championing the customer’s voice. We’ve launched a brand new awards system giving credit to those companies who consistently make customers happy across every area of their business. Who will come up trumps?

Introducing The Customer Voice Awards

We created the Customer Voice Awards out of a frustration - how do consumers know who is the best of the best and which businesses can they really trust?

Based on real experiences from real customers, each quarter we analyse data pulled from thousands of reviews to identify top-performing companies.

The goal? To make it easie…

Facebook Social Integration is now fixed

We would like to apologise for the problems experienced with Facebook Social Integration over the past few days. We can now confirm the problem has been fixed.

Please get in touch if you have any further issues and sorry again for inconvenience caused.

The Team

Elevate your UGC With

The way your customers shop is changing. Are you changing with them?’s new feature uses user-generated content to caters to the modern customer for the most engaging shopping experience yet.

We’ve all seen McDonald’s advertising. An impossibly juicy beefy patty sits atop a fluffy, cloud-like bun, a scattering of symmetrical seeds adorning its golden-brown crust. A perfect sunshine-yellow triangle of cheese oozes down its side and delicate, jewel-like blobs of shimmering ketchup peek out from within. Eat me. It says. Eat meeeee.

Of course, we’re wise enough to know that a real life B…

Unleash Your Influence With

What if we told you we knew someone who could get you 10,000 new customers, overnight? have just released a brand new feature, and it’s about to take your brand viral.

Meet Ian, your most loyal customer.

Ian has 10 friends who admire and respect him. After shopping with you, Ian decides to share a picture of his new trainers with his 10 friends. Ian’s friends usually like what Ian likes. They love Ian’s new trainers and 8 of them go and check out your site. 3 of them make a purchase.

Now imagine that Ian has 100,000 friends who admire, respect, and usually like the same things as hi…

Product Launch: Influence

It’s time to bring your marketing into the 21st century. Leverage the power of Instagram influencers and user-generated content with our latest piece of tech.

Introducing: Influence

E-commerce is changing and is changing with it. Today we launched Influence - a brand new bolt-on product for enhanced Reputation Management.

Consisting of three parts - Discover, Engage & Publish - Influence brings the best of Instagram to your Dashboard.

Get the tools to create fail-safe Influencer Marketing campaigns, interact and repurpose user-generated content and experiment with shoppa…

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