🔥Our most powerful widget ever! 🔥 Elements Widget

There's a brand new widget in your dashboard. But this isn't just any old widget, this is the most advanced widget we have ever created.

It's fully customisable, with elements (hence the name!) you can mix and match to create a widget that's tailored to you. It even pulls the CSS from your site to blend seamlessly with your current design.

In Elements, you can now show your visitors Company Reviews, Product Reviews, Photo Reviews, Q&A and even Instagram feeds, plus do some really cool things like tag products in images and display Instagram avatars. It's guaranteed to enhance on-page engagement and make your customers more informed than ever - hello boosted conversions!

To access Elements, go to Company Reviews >> Review Publishing in your top menu, and select the Elements Widget, or visit the direct links below:

UK Customers: https://dash.reviews.co.uk/widgets/combined

Worldwide Customers: https://dash.reviews.io/widgets/combined