Rotate Permanent Lock Codes & Billing Updated

You are now able to rotate permanent lock codes to a new code. This will allow you to remove a permanent code that has been compromised (e.g. you changed cleaning companies, someone has the code who shouldn't).

To do this, just click the three dots next to a permanent code then click rotate code.

Additionally we have updated the billing page to show the number of licenses active, the amount you will be charged, and when you will be charged next.

Global Activity Feed and Notifications Released

We just released the Activity Feed where you can view activities for all of your listings in one place. Just click the Activity tab in the left nav menu to view it.

In addition, you now will get Notifications of recent activity in the notifications dropdown.

Additional Updates:

  • Times in the listing details sidebar are now shown in the listing’s local time.
  • An activity is logged when you remotely lock or unlock a unit.
  • If a unit is unoccupied AND has been left unlocked for more than 2 hours, it will automatically be locked.

Lock Code Not Set (Fixed)

We were informed this morning around 9am that a lock code was not set. We quickly investigated and found the issue was caused by a duplicate reservation.

The issue only affected this single reservation and has been fixed.

App Performance Back to Normal

The app is now back up to its regular speedy state. Pages are loading normal and not timing out.

Slow Loading Times and Loading Timeouts

The app is currently experiencing slow loading times which can lead to timeouts, especially on a listing page.

We are looking into fixing this as a top priority.

Notification Email Issue Resolved

Notification emails now only send out when the internet is offline rather than any individual device going offline.

Now if a device (such as a thermostat) goes offline temporarily for maintenance, a notification email will not be sent out.

Note: There is still one other issue causing the “back online” notification email sending too often. We plan to address this issue soon.

Notification Email Issues

We are seeing a couple of issues with notification emails:

  • The “listing back online” email is being sent multiple times.
  • Devices that aren’t set up are appearing in the emails.

These issues will be addressed in the near future.

Internet is Down Notification

We now send out a notification email if the internet goes down at one of your listings! When the internet comes back online, you receive a second notification email.

Backup Guest Lock Code

If we are unable to set a guest code to a lock before check-in time, we now email the guest a backup lock code which was set on the lock ahead of time. The backup code is rotated after the stay.

Permanent Codes

Each listing has 4 permanent codes on set to each of its locks:

  • A Guest Backup Code
  • A Cleaner Code
  • A Property Manager Code
  • An Owner Code

These codes can be shared with the respective party so that later when they are used you can track which party accessed the property (future feature).

These permanent codes are now displayed on each listing page!