🐘Support for Postgres and 🧬SQL Server

A follow up feature from the previous update:

Back then when we envisioned for diagrams in DrawSQL to be 'DBMS agnostic', so users can create generic diagrams, and import/export them in any DBMS that they like.

While that's nice to have, however, we've learnt over time that for most apps out there switching the DBMS happens quite rarely. Making the editor be DBMS-agnostic had some limitations too - the major one that was causing headaches was that there wasn't a direct 1-1 mapping of column datatypes between the different DBMS. We tried a few different designs on the datatype selector to cater for this, but were not satisfied and felt like they were still unsatisfactory in terms of usability.

We've completed all the required changes for this Each diagram now has a single specified DBMS-type, and all functions from the column data type, import to the export formats will be automatically customized to fit the DBMS for that diagram. Hopefully the whole experience would be more streamlined for you now, regardless of which DBMS you're using.

Let us know what you think about this change 👍👎!