🔺⃤ Export to AdonisJs migrations

Next export type launched! Users of the AdonisJS framework can now transition from database designs to creating those tables and columns more seamlessly.

AdonisJs is a Node.js web framework that's heavily inspired by Laravel, and supports many of the concepts featured in Laravel, including migrations for database schemas.

Similar to the Laravel export, each table in the diagram is exported into its own migration class. Of course, file names are also set to match the convention in AdonisJS:


You'll find this in the export modal:

For now, the export is in AdonisJS v4 format. Support for the v5 migration format that's in preview is already in the works, and should be launched next!

🛑Unsigned column option for MySQL

Closing following the previous update, another column option is available for these MySQL integer types: 

  • INT

This can be used to specify that a column will only take non-negative numbers, thus increasing the upper numeric range. This is not part of the SQL standard, hence is only available for MySQL.

🔺Auto-increment option for MySQL columns

For MySQL diagrams, you can now specify columns as Auto-Increment. This column option will appear for these MySQL integer types: 

  • INT

AUTO_INCREMENT support for FLOAT or DOUBLE columns has intentionally been left out, since these can cause weird behaviours, and they've been deprecated in the latest MySQL versions.

BINARY datatype for MySQL

The missing BINARY datatype has been added for MySQL diagrams now. 

👩‍💻 Bit of tech background: The default set of datatypes was dependant on what's supported in Laravel migration's blueprint schema. By default, Laravel converts the -'binary()' definition to BLOB in it's MySQL driver, hence the missing BINARY datatype. We've now added custom logic to support additional data types (outside of Laravel defaults), and this is one of the first ones added.

🏗️ Export to Laravel Blueprint

New export format so you can export your diagrams to Laravel Blueprint drafts. Laravel Blueprint is a package by Jason McCreary that helps with quick scaffolding of Laravel apps.

You can find this new option within the export modal:

Hope this would be helpful for some of you!

If you have a specific export type you'd like to see, let us know in the roadmap here. Would love to add them as well if it's popular among users.

🔲 Multi-select mode: Select multiple tables, bulk move or delete

It's a common thing - you've finished mapping out the diagram of your complex app, tables and all. Looks pretty! But now you're looking to just move these group of tables further apart to create some space to indicate the different sections of the app.

Dang it, it's such a pain to have to do one table at a time!

That's the motivation for this new multi-select mode. You can now perform bulk actions like moving a bunch of tables, or mass deleting multiple tables easily.

The multi-selection mode can be activated in two ways:

  1. Click on the 'Multi-selection mode' button in the lower right:
  2. Use the keyboard shortcut M when on the canvas.
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